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Driver: Parallel Lines

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An Unplayable Mess

posted by AnimeGamer (EUGENE, OR) Feb 4, 2009

Member since Apr 2006

This game is laughably bad and does not stand the test of time here in 2009. I tried to take this game seriously, but its hard to with graphics this ugly- even on the xbox. "But this is an old game" you might say, 2005? Not really, this game looks like a Dreamcast title. Compared to games like DOA3 and Silent Hill 2 (2001) there is no excuse for this blockly, muddled mess! Even its predecessor, "DRIV3R" looked better than this. Graphics aside, this game begins hating you at mission 2 with the impossible challenge of shooting car tires. Because of its sloppy game design both I and a friend (just to make sure it wasnt just ME being retaahded) could not pass the training mission, even when DOING EXACTLY what the game tells you to do! This game is so backwards over itself it cannot even instruct you to do something correctly, and then gets upset at YOU for it. As if thats not bad enough, the AI programming must have been done by apes. So stupid I was wanted by the police, pulled over to give myself up, a cop shot at me, walked up to my door, squatted down, waited, stood up, waited, and continued to try and shoot me while standing beside my car, missing 4 shots out of 5! Way to go Reflections!

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Very Good

Driver: Parrellel Lines

posted by goofins (STERLING, CO) Sep 18, 2008

Member since Aug 2008

My son really enjoyed this game. He kept it for a lot longer than the first game he got

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"Another" GTA clone

posted by Godfadda (SAINT JOHNS, MI) Feb 4, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

The "Driver" franchise has been around since the Playstation one and ,unfortunately, not much has changed. Driver: Parallel lines seems to be a small step in the right direction, although this isn't saying much considering the terribly flawed Driver 3. Improvements have been made in several vital areas such as the "on-foot" action and the destructibility of objects in the environment allow for some of the best driving sequences in the series. Fortunately, reflections entertainment have turn their focus back on the driving, which is great since this is what made the previous installments so successful. You play through 1978 until the lead character, T.K. (because Tanner died at the beginning of Driver 3), is setup and imprisoned until 2006. The soundtrack also covers these eras well. Graphics are very solid and give the game a cinematic feel before and after T.K.'s incarceration. There is little replay ability after completing the game and the story isn't very original which would not be a problem if the characters weren't so bland overall. Targeting is frustrating at times, though it is mostly competent. Gameplay is very traditional and character motion is fairly restrictive. For the most part, the game's predictable and it won't blow anyone away but it's a solid reproduction of what the GTA series has established and is quite reasonable for prior fans of this franchise.

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