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Driver: Parallel Lines

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Also on:PS2, Wii
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good but not the best

posted by sedition (DERRY, NH) Jul 2, 2006

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this game is a huge step up from that heap of trash DRIV3R. I expected more trash but hoped that wasn't going to happen and it didn't. (hooray!) the damage system is definitely in the top 3. #1 juiced #2 flatout #3 this. And I love the variety of cars. it's almost like a real city. and when you're in a car there's not a whole bunch of that car everywhere like in gta 3. another plus is the customization. you can buy stuff like engine parts, suspension parts, body kits, bullet proof glass and tires, and more. The music is good to. Except one song, the saxophone song. If you play xbox at night i suggest you keep the stereo volume down. you'll know the song when you hear it. (its loud and obnoxious) BUT!!!! YOU CANT SWIM---but you don't drown!! you just sploosh out of the water and yell at your self . and then there's the main part of the game... the storyline. Its SWEET. there's lotsa action and speed and guns. And a huge shocking twist!! i wont tell you what it is though :) even though its great its to short i beat it in 12-14 hours then sent it back. but those 12-14 hours kicked a~$. i seriously recommend this game to any one with a tv and a game system. p.s. its only rated (M) because like one tenth of the story has c-o-c-a-i-n-e in it and they say the "f" word about ten times total... maybe

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Back on Track or is it Wack?

posted by TheBauc1 (MOBILE, AL) Oct 18, 2006

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We all know how upset we got with Driv3r. So what's the deal Bauc, does Parallel Lines Redeem itself? Yeah it does. I'm sure you saw this coming, but I'm going to compare this game to GTA. The graphics are better in Driver, however, there isn't enough in the city to explore so the open-world gameplay isn't as good. The cut scene graphics are AMAZING, they really look that good. And I think it's a definite bonus that they made the main character closely resemble Steve Nash. That was cool. The targeting system is intuitive and easy to use. The actual driving part of the game was surprising. It wasn't bad but the brakes are way too sensitive so you'll be working on that awhile, though I got the hang of it with some practice. The storyline throws a wicked curveball at you so get prepared for a shocker. This game was definitely a step up from Driv3r and I enjoyed it. I give it a 7, out of 10.

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fair but not great

posted by master12 (NEWBURG, WV) May 19, 2006

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I thought it was a fun game but the least little thing & the cops are after ya thats what I didn't like

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