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Very Good

It's better then I thought!

posted by gabesma (JAMESTOWN, NC) Sep 21, 2006

Member since Feb 2005

I had read other really good reviews about this game,and boy was I right to go get it based on those reviews.This game is really fun,but hard at times,and has a good amount of replay value(if you like getting 100%).
The Story:is ok but but not the best ever,but it get's put to the side pretty much during the game so that you don't even really notice it(until towards the end)because so many things intercept the main story(until the end)
I give the story an 6.7 out of 10

Gameplay:It's so interesting(in a very good way),because if you are either right handed or left handed,this game works very well(but my gba sp has a problem,but good thing it works in my ds instead)and all by using the L and R buttons!The depth of the controls comes in from the level designs.So the controls get an 8.6

Levels:There are at least 2-3 areas per level(with several collectiables),they are pretty big withs different routes to take sometimes,it also helps with the control depth by having different drilliable objects in very usefull places,that will really suprise you once you actually do it.There are even unlockable/buyable levels!.
So the levels get an 8.5

Well now I know this is pretty long so here is the rest(shortened)

Replay value 7.9

Fun value 7.9

So...this is totally a great game if you want a great plateformer!So go for!!!!!!

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GF Rating


A Hidden Gem

posted by Pwnee9 (CAMBRIDGE, MA) Jul 14, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

This is a great game with excellent level design and gameplay mechanics. The animation is superb for the gameboy advance and the amount of variety keeps every level fresh.

However, the graphical style may throw off some people. Judging from the art, it appears that this game is aimed at younger players, but the later levels are so high in difficulty that even experienced gamers may find themselves pulling their hair out.

After beating this game, it's unlikely you'll play it again, though the collectible treasures in this game may keep you addicted until you find them all. If you're in the mood for a fun adventure that will last you a while, then definitely pick up this hidden gem.

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GF Rating


Drilled up Platforming Bliss

posted by MistaMike (DELANO, MN) Apr 24, 2006

Member since Oct 2005

This is just downright fun- the gameplay mechanics are fresher then fresh, and it shows us a whole new way to do platforming. The concept is to drill through anything that you can, and it uses the drill so creatively that I don't know where they got the idea. The boss battles are very imagintive,(which are downright huge) because they have so much strategy but a lot of action along with it. The greatness of DD is held back by its shortness, which makes the fun less enjoiyable. But still, this is probably the Best GBA platformer yet, bring on a DS sequel!

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