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I think I've played a game like this before...

posted by steve470 (OIL CITY, PA) Nov 23, 2011

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Not to suggest that DreamWorks Super Star Kartz might be a knockoff of another major go-karting franchise, but here's a synopsis:

Modes include Time Trial and "Circuit", the latter of which lets you choose 50, 100, or 150cc, or Mirror mode, then has you race on a series of tracks, conveniently divided into four Cups. If you hold the acceleration button at the right time during the countdown, you'll start the race with a speed boost. You can drift around corners, resulting in a speed boost. Each race is three laps, and boxes scattered around the track contain items. These include one you throw at another racer (singly or in threes), one that gives you a speed boost (ditto), one that homes in on the next racer in front of you, and one that protects you from incoming attacks.

Racers earn points based on where they finish, and the one with the most points after all of the races in the Cup wins a gold trophy. Win enough of these and you unlock more stuff.

Since this game is obviously trying to be Mario Kart, but with Shrek and Princess Fiona instead of Mario and Princess Peach, I'll just run down the major differences.

- Three tracks per cup instead of four, but the tracks are significantly longer, each taking over a minute per lap.

- Voiceovers that are generally cute the first time, but get annoying very quickly. These occur at the start of each race, each time you collect an item, each time you hit someone with an item, etc.

- Driving skill doesn't seem to be rewarded. If you run head-on into a rock, you'll just be deflected off to the side, barely losing any speed. Hit a wall? Same thing.

- The speed items are much more powerful. You can get a Bullet Bill-caliber mega-boost even when you're close to the lead.

I found each of the differences to be a downgrade, and the last two really seem to make each race a crapshoot.

Verdict: Decent, but if Mario Kart 7 is half as good as it looks, it'll be twice as good as this.

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