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Book on, er, DVD...?

posted by Solmas (ROSEVILLE, CA) Apr 21, 2006

Member since May 2005

41 out of 42 gamers (98%) found this review helpful

I just finished this game and am about to run through it again; not for hidden items or unlocked content (though those would have been nice), but to understand this fantastic story better. That's what this game is, a book w/ some beautiful graphics...and doubtless meant for ppl who play a game for it's story rather than it's mechanics.

The gameplay itself is pretty mediocre. The camera is a bit of a pain sometimes, especially since there's no first person view which would be most useful during some sneaking parts, the inventory navigation and use is a bit confusing and doesn't come naturally, the Focus Field doesn't lock onto interactable items as easily as it should, character navigation is annoying when u get stuck when coming anywhere near close to any of the environment, and the combat sections move and handle just like old, walk. All of these things are frustrating and would make this game suck were it not for the voice acting, beautiful graphics, story telling, and music.

The actors did a fantastic job, though there are a few scenes when the enchantment of the story breaks because a line seems to be misread. The dialogue is very good but not w/out a good number of cliche's and a few shameless ripoffs ( "May the balance be with u" ...seriously, that's a line from the game). The graphics are outstanding. Environments are beautiful and crisp and have have an odd way of being completely believable. The main characters are look pretty and clean, but the "background" and plot progressing NPC's look like they didn't get the memo to show up for their final rendering. Finally the music is excellent. Reminiscent of Star Wars, it fits every part of the story and if there's a soundtrack for the game I will buy it.

This game falls short in gameplay and mechanics, but dealing w/ those things is trivial when u watch this story unfold. If ur an action gamer and don't care about the storyline, this game is not for u. But, if u love a good book...

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A Glorified Interactive Movie With Engaging Story

posted by Freestone (SOUTH ORANGE, NJ) Jun 23, 2006

Member since Dec 2005

9 out of 9 gamers (100%) found this review helpful


Graphics: 8 -- Very pretty. Very linear levels
Game-Play: 4 -- Decent adventuring. Horrid combat
Story: 8 -- Very good... Until the ending
Total: 20/30
Avg: 7/10 (6.666 rounded up)

---------------------- -- -- --
---------------------- -- -- --
1. You favor engaging stories over superb gameplay
2. You liked Indigo Prophecy and could do without the simon-says mini-games.
3. You can deal with what may be the worst (but thankfully rare) combat gameplay ever.

Graphics: Nice for the v1 Xbox, almost as good as some of the lesser 360 games too. Very linear levels corral you into following the story, which is dull but possibly a good thing since there is less pointless wandering when compared to other adventure games.

Game-Play: Adventuring is fairly simple and you won't be wondering what to do next very often. Journal entries help but only when you are playing as the main character (Zoe). Combining objects makes for most of the "challenges" but even they aren't very difficult. Combat is pathetic and shouldn't even be in the game, but you can beat them quickly if you figure out how dumb the AI is.

Story: Very engaging but the wide-scope can make it a bit confusing. Also, be prepared: the ending leaves many loose-ends untied and leaves you feeling like you did when you beat Halo-2. It's obviously setting up for a sequel, but it was INCREDIBLY disappointing to see it end as abruptly as it did, so be prepared.

Note: there is a false-ending so wait through the credits if you want to see the "true" ending (which wraps up NOTHING however). It's just a setup for the next game in the series (my guess is this dude is going to be the main for it too).

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overall a game worth finsihing

posted by jonathan11 (SAN DIEGO, CA) May 2, 2006

Member since Mar 2005

18 out of 19 gamers (95%) found this review helpful

Overall the game is a breath of fresh air. it reminded me of a cross between syberia and beyond good and evil. the game is much more story and visual oriented than it is action oriented. i would have rated the game a 10, but the first chapter was sooooo slow(no worries, it picks up), and the puzzles weren't as challenging as i would have wanted them. this is a great game if you do give it a chance to present itself, i just think some might be disappointed by the ho-hum difficulty. if this game doesn't feel challenging enough, try syberia part 1 and 2 or the myst series for the xbox. just be sure to play this one all the way through, you'll be glad you did.

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