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A Waste of Time Budget Title

posted by WVJimmyX (CHARLESTON, WV) Apr 25, 2011

Member since Dec 2008

"Dreamcast Collection" for the Xbox 360 attempts to tug at our nostalgic heartstrings, but delivers only four games, most of which are simply unplayable. Sonic Adventure is a total mess, and in comparison with other 3D platformers appears broken. Spend a little time with Crazy Taxi, and you'll wonder why you thought that game was fun, they didn't even shell out for the original punk soundtrack, Space Channel 5 part 2 plays just like it used to, but after playing any modern rhythm game it at times seems impossible, even if you adjust the settings to all one button, strangely Sega Bass Fishing is the one I spent the most time with, even though I hated it in my youth. It's not great, but it's an effecient little time-waster. When I saw the title of this game I thought we'd get Power Stone, Virtua Fighter, Shenmue, or even Soul Edge, but instead I get a grouping of games that are either already available on xbox live, or soon will be.

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Crazy taxi is good, not much else is

posted by Schwal (BOULDER, CO) Mar 9, 2011

Member since Oct 2008

I'm going to review each game separately.

Sonic Adventure: 5/10
It has a few fun moments, but the cutscenes are horrible and it's not worth playing anything other than the main campaign.

Crazy Taxi: 8/10
Fun, but with a few flaws. Defaults to stretched widescreen, and the music is not as good as the Dreamcast version, but the game is still all there.

Space Channel 5 Part Two 5/10
No way to adjust for audio lag in a rhythm game is a killer. Other than that it is extremely hard, and the music is just O.K.

Bass Fishing 4/10
It seems like it could be fun if you wanted to devote the time to figuring it out. I spent about an hour on it before going to play something better.

In summary, rent it for Crazy Taxi, but that's really the only good thing on the disc.

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posted by Mudkiper (LE ROY, NY) Mar 9, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

I would given it a higher score but these ports although are fun seemed lacking. I will review each game separately

Sonic Adventure- 8/10- I loved this game on the dreamcast. My friend and I used to stay up all night playing this game. I was kind of disappointed in the port though. They didnt fix the wonky camera or glitches. And worst of all the game is not HD compatible or has a widescreen mode so you'll have these side bars. Despite all the flaws and dated graphics I still had fun with this game and I love my avatars sonic shoes! Oh and it doesnt come with the DX upgrade either for people wondering.

Space Channel 5 part 2- 7/10- This was pretty fun although I sucked at it, its about this girl Ulala that dances to kill enemies. It was fun but liked i said I sucked at it. Its a lot harder than it looks. The colors in the game look beautiful and it supported widescreen, Overall it seems sega put a little more effort in this title compared to the rest.

Crazy Taxi- 7/10- Another game I used to play on the dreamcast, its fun and fast paced. Like the title implies you're a taxi driver and you take people to certain locations to get money. This game is fun but like Sonic Adventure I wished sega would've fixed some of the glitches.

Sega Bass Fishing- 2/10- Im sorry I hate fishing games, I tried to play this one anyways and didnt like it at all. Bad Game Choice IMO

Overall- 7/10- three of the four games are decent, but why hasnt sega even made the slightest adjustments? These feel like rushed ports. Theyre fun for me, but chances are the new generation arent going to care for these. Avatar Items and leaderboards are nice but not enough to warrant a buy this is definitely a rent title

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