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Very Good

Strange but not a bad game

posted by DAlkaiser (PALM BAY, FL) May 16, 2011

Member since Jun 2009

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This is not a great game by any means, but the other reviews here are not giving it any justice.

It has a steep learning curve, you will not start enjoying this until you have played for at least 20 minutes or so, and get used to scanning with one hand, and moving around with the other.

One thing to be very clear about: You do NOT have to look at the bottom screen, everything you can see on the bottom screen is in the top screen, where the enemies are, where you are making the pings, and the enemies themselves you reveal, appear as blips before you ping them.

Once you get the strange gameplay down it's fun and different. The visuals are beautiful, and different from stage to stage, even your avatar changes from stage to stage. In one it's a butterfly, another it's a large sight for a gun, in another it's a blazing blue phoenix. As well the backgrounds and enemies change from stage to stage to suit the same theme.

The game's 3D is mostly for show, quite a good show in my opinion. The only real use for the 3D is that the power ups slowly risse from the background, you can't get them til they are at the same level as you, which I found interesting.

I would most definitely not recommend buying this game without trying it, and like most 3DS games, it's overpriced at 40 bucks, but this game is worth a rent, especially considering how few different games there are for the 3DS at this time. If you have a 3DS give it a try, you might like it, I've already decided to keep the copy I rented.

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posted by LocoMotive (SAINT CHARLES, IL) May 13, 2011

Member since Sep 2010

2 out of 4 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

Ug. I came into this expecting a unusual on rails shooter combined with a puzzle game. Hoping it would be Rez + Lumines (or Meteos etc..). It's actually closer to Centipede + A non puzzle puzzle game. Basically you are using your styles to put out sonar pings on the bottom screen to make enemies visible on the top screen so that you can shoot and consume them. The puzzle game is pointless in that you can just flail out your pings and still be mostly successful. The top screen action is worse than a bad galaga clone. And switching between a 2d screen and a 3d screen while trying to use a thumbstick and a stylus at the same time is the worst thing I've ever had to do to my 3DS. If you think using a D-pad and a stylus was bad then just give this a shot. I love a creative game, and sometimes creative failures are better than mundane successes. But this is not one of those situations.

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GF Rating


Major Disapointment


Member since Dec 2010

2 out of 6 gamers (33%) found this review helpful

This game is terrible. That's my opinion, so if you like it, that's your opinion.

Basically, the menus are clunky and unpolished. The game needs you to do a tutorial on the menu system that's how unpolished they are. Then your in the game and you have to navigate the 3d screen dodging and collection objects while looking at the bottom screen pressing on moving objects.

This doesn't sound difficult until you die in 10 seconds and your back at the menu screen. I handed this game to the 6 guys that work for me today to get their opinions, they are all big game players, and each of them hated it.

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