Rent Drawn to Life for DS
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Drawn to Life


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Boss 2, Deadwood.

First, you must go to all of the platforms on the tree and shoot the acorns that arehanging under them three times each. After that, you must enter Deadwood's mouth and shoot the shadowman.

Easy Boss Battle: 1st Boss, Frost Wind

Hit head with snowballs 1 time and then ground pound on his head.

Easy Boss Battle: 2nd Boss, Deadwood

How to defeat: shoot acorns at the bee hive looking thingies 3 times then go inside the mouth and shoot the shadow guy.

Easy Boss Battle: 3rd Boss, Angler King

After he chases you, when the battle starts duck and turn right and rapidly start shooting star fish, that should give you a head start. (HINT:Look for the bubbles, and defeat the shadow fish quickly).

Easy Boss Battle: Last Boss, Scorpio

Dodge all of the attacks and when the clouds appear that you drew earlier in the game jump on the second one and slash wilfre, repeat 3 times.


Press A to jump.

Jump and flip

Press X to flip.