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Ice third level

Poison Glaive

Dragon upgrades

At 55,000 experience points, the dragon will upgrade to level 2.

Dragon upgrades

To get a level 3 dragon, you must get more than 160,000 experience points.

Easy kills

In the first or second mission, find a group of weak soldiers (the small ones in gray) and use your magic attack once (Triangle is default). Then, hit them with your sword or ax. To see if it worked, press L3 to see their health.

Easy kills

Attack enemies until you get the last flashing (on the weapon) combo attack. Press Triangle to get a bigger attack on the enemies.

Controlling weapons or magic

When you hit enemies, use the Left Analog-stick to make a quick turn on every hit to enemies that want to attack you from the back.

Stronger weapon

Do the expedition event and kill all the enemies with your weapon.

Elf Village

Victors Spoils (spear)

First castle level environs

Hunters Blade

How to fly a jet

After finishing the Shinjuku free mission. Now pick sky mission mode and highlight the Chaos Dragon at the dragon selection prompt. Press Down and pick the "???" option to fly a jet.