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Very Good

Awesome game in my eyes, but not for everyone

posted by Librianitus (MEMPHIS, TN) May 26, 2014

Member since Aug 2012

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The story, dialogue, and language seem to be a turn off for most with this game, yet the craziness of the story and the communication between the main character Zero, and her disciple's is what makes up a good percentage of the game. The story is random and comical, and it does not transition between its serious and comedic moments too well all the time. It starts a bit slow with the dialogue as well as the combat, but as you progress and obtain more weapons, upgrades, and companions, the game starts to shine.

The combat is pretty darn cool, my favorite weapon out of the 4 that you will receive over time will have to be the combat braces. It is a gauntlet on your right arm, and a shin guard on your right leg. It is the fast DPS weapon of the game, and is very, very freaking cool to use. The combos and stamina moves that you pull off depends on that particular set of braces, which is also cool, it gives you a variety of different styles to choose from. There are also Spears (the heavy damage but slow DPS (damage per second) weapon), Chakra's (The medium speed disc-like weapon), it serves as a crowd control kind of weapon that can also take out far away enemies by holding down square and auto locking onto multiple targets at once, and your main weapon, the sword. It is the second fasted DPS weapon and is well rounded and very fun to use, and like I said before, there are different styles of basic combat moves and stamina moves. They can be balanced, aerial, range, or ground based styles.

The dialogue between you and your disciples makes up a good portion of what makes this game funny, you never know what they are going to say to one another next. I do not want to give away too much about them because it is fun to learn about them yourself as you progress through the game and acquire them as companions.

Overall the game is a barrel of laughs, or at the very least, chuckles! I recommend it, worth the rent. Really give it a try, don't be too skeptical of it.

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Very great game, awesome story, truely must play!

posted by WayToDawn2291 (GOLDSBORO, NC) Jul 12, 2014

Member since Jul 2014

So many people, have seriously judged this game too much as a "critic" instead of as a player. The vulgarity, gore, and frequent sexual innuendo is definitely not for certain viewers, but for those who have a sarcastic and crude sense of humor, and a tad bit of narcissism, this game is TOTAL UP YOUR ALLEY!

The game play is definitely one of the best "hack-n-slash" games I've played in a while. The graphics aren't bad at all, there is a minor glitch here and there but they are nothing but few and far between. I mainly liked the story for its mysterious and venturous nature to leave the player wanting to know more of the back story of Zero, Mikhail, and the intoner sisters, as well as the flower and its origin and purpose.

The one thing I do wish they would have done, is included the prologues into the game instead of paying $29.99 for all of them.

Don't let all the negative reviews about the game being horrible or being a disgrace to the first two games cause you to get discouraged or lose interest, because I think it was awesome!

Definitely will be recommending to others!

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This game is weird, bloody, sexual, and I like it

posted by sloppyjam (WILDOMAR, CA) Jun 26, 2014

Member since Aug 2012

This game has bitchy almost naked chicks, a psychopath, a masochist, a "scientific" self-centered jerk, and an old pervert. You know, your typical anime elements. The game play is a hack and slash by simply pressing the square button and sometimes the triangle buttons to make a "combo" and go to point A to point B and there's some rpg elements like buying stuff and upgrading weapons just because it's from Japan of course. The dub is pretty good except in the original the main character Zero is very different from her original voice actor. In the english she's just a plain out b-word but in the original japanese voice acting she sounded more calm, but with everyone else it's all pretty good. You just got to get use to the lip syncing because they didn't change it when they brought it across the seas. The story is just weird You're a goddess called an Intoner named Zero and you on your way to kill your five sisters named One, Two, Three, Four, and Five and you have a partner named Mikhail, a dragon and that's basically it or so you think but I'm not gonna spoil anything. The characters, you just don't know how to feel for them. Zero is mainly one dimension and drops the f-bomb time to time, Mikhail is her dragon but he is just a young one plus he is just an idiot but he's only a kid so... One is basically your simple serious person, Two is goofy then insane, Three is just the creepy goth chick that doesn't make sense, Four is the one that wants all this to stop, Five is just a ho and that's it for Five...a ho. The disciples are all guys even though I thought one of them was a girl when I saw the first trailer (Curse you Japan for making your guys look like girls again!!!) but you can figure it out your self who they are. My final conclusion is that the game is technically a repetitive game that is just OK, the graphics are REALLY outdated but I would recommended it to you if your interested in it because the story is what makes it worth it.

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