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Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

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Dragon Quest is a must have RPG

posted by rpggamer79 (VIROQUA, WI) Apr 27, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

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Having played DW games since the NES days I had a fair idea as to how the controls would handle. Being the game is the first fully 3-D game and with the addition of the Cel-shading I was wondering how this game would handle. The character movement is sharp and the response time for the commands is just right. I found that the controls have a fluid feel and the menu and such is well laid out. The Menu has been redefined and it takes some getting used to but after a half hour it was like second nature to me. Controls Rating = B+
Next up Visuals. The game looks beautiful. This is some of the best cel-shading I have ever seen in a game. The look and feel of the world is breathtaking. One of the neat features is the ability to go into first person viewing and take a look at your surroundings. I highly recommend running around the lush environment and taking peeks at all there is to see. Visual Rating = A+
Voice Acting. Superb from what I have seen so far. This is also the First Dragon Quest game to have voice acting and it is spot on. Pleasant voices seem to capture the emotion of the characters speaking. Voice Acting = A
Interest value. This game has set the stage for a mystery or two. The opening intro leaves a lot of question to be answered and during the first mission to the waterfall cavern still much is left out in the open. After a couple hours the game still has not really explained the relationship to the other members in your party. I believe these relationships will be slowly introduced as time goes on though. Interest Value = B-
Overall rating. So far this game is an exceptional addition to the Dragon Quest series. I am willing to bet this will be trumpeted as one of the best games in the series. Square-Enix has put together a exceptional game and it should attract fans young and old. I highly recommend picking this game up! Overall Rating = A-

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Very Good

Excellent, but not without flaws

posted by UserError (MOUNT JOY, PA) Jun 25, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

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The Good:
1) Incredibly engaging gameplay and a enjoyable storyline thats easy to follow
2) Fun and cartoony graphics
3) Easy to jump right in without concerning oneself with becoming immersed in the universe first (a la Morrowind)
4) It's not too repetitive, and the skills have a lot of variety.

The Bad:
1)It's difficult to put down, as you'll quickly forget what you were doing and spend hours trying to remember (not a huge deal for a rental, though)
2)It's sometimes neccisary to powerlevel yourself for hours just to beat that one obnoxious boss(not unlike some final fantasy games I recall)
3) The biggest clincher for me was that it was impossible to get more than two of the 'best' weapons because of the limited number of the high end components.

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Old School, maybe, but it feels so new!

posted by Venomous (ARKANSAS CITY, KS) Apr 22, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

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I had seen tv commercials for this game and I just kinda shrugged it off. Looked like DBZ graphics, eh why did I care. But then I read the reviews for it, and it felt like I should really give this a try. Well, in short, it was worth it. This is old school perfection of rpgs. If you like 'em that way, then here's your game.

Graphics - 10
Clear cut, cell shaded, and the good old style of DBZ graphics. They were pulled off very nicely, and even the bosses and baddies have their own unique styles to them.

Sound - 8
Dragonquest 8 delivers what ALMOST every rpg should have: an orchestral soundtrack. You can just feel more emotion flowing through it whenever you are doing those final battles, or have beaten the game. The voices are also very good, and so overall this was a pretty good soundtrack and voicetrack.

Plot - 10
A king and his kingdom have become cursed. You, playing as the unspoken main character, are on a quest with the king, his cursed daughter (who has been turned into a horse), and a bandit friend, to restore the kingdom to it's once former glory. Along the way, more friends, and yes, more plot twists than you can shake a stick at.

Gameplay - 8
Turn-based goodness. The usual style, but one very interesting aspect added to the style is that your characters are not limited to one style of weapon fighting. Instead, every character has 4 styles of fighting (with the final style always being their fists), and you can level up the style of your choice. Overall, it's done pretty well, however it just sometimes did feel like it was too easy, then suddenly got too hard. But pretty solid.

Overall - 9
Go try it. It really is quite worth it. Once you start, you'll be engrossed like I was, rushing home from school to see what happened next. Just remember this: IT WILL SUCK YOUR SOUL AWAY! XD

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