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GF Rating


This is one of the Greatest games of all time.

posted by Heroguy293 (BOLINGBROOK, IL) Mar 15, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

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This game is the best i have played so far. But, some of you won't think the same, i personally love Training in this game. The Class system is the best of any ds game i have gotten. the training is a little boring at first. but once you get A certain combo of spells or abilities...(i choose to use the sunderbolt blade as an item to cast zap, and have another character use Kaboom) the Enemies Outside of Castle swanstone, (which is the best place to train, by the way.) All died quickly, which made training fun for me. i loved the story, It is very In depth, and makes you feel for the characters. There is a party chat system that lets you get little comments from your party, (Human characters say far more interesting things, and monsters usually say nothing.) but to wrap it up, i LOVED this game. It is my absolute Favorite game as of now. The class system is better than any Dragon quest i have tried. i give that a 10/10. The story is in depth, and you feel for the people caught in it. i also give that a 10/10. The sound is Amazing. on my dsi XL it sounds Great, something in the packaging i got with it said that the sounds and the music was composed by an orchestra. (By the way, i Pre-ordered it from gamestop.) i give the sound 10/10. as for the Overall, a definite 10/10. if i could rate it higher, i would.

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GF Rating

Very Good

kept her busy

posted by steelers206 (COVINGTON, WA) May 29, 2011

Member since May 2011

4 out of 6 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I got this game for my 9yr old daughter who is a big pokemon freak she almost refused to play it. but I have to say that once she picked it up it didnt get put down till she finished the game. had a easy story to follow and the challenges were not to hard for her. after she was done she now wants to try other games.......yaye got her away from the pokemon

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the closing of a trilogy

posted by Pocky22 (ERIE, PA) Mar 12, 2011

Member since Jun 2010

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Dragon Quest VI is that rare thing we see in gaming; a game that us Westerners missed out on, but get a chance to try the remake. But, is it worth the wait?

Story-wise, we are put in the shoes of a Gohan-esque young chap, who wakes from a rather foreboding dream of him fighting along side 2 warriors, and being defeated; turned to stone as a price of that defeat. After this, the Hero finds out that the world he saw in his dream is very much real, and thus begins a Quest to find out what's going on. If I had to choose which DQ game had the best overall plot, it would be DQV, but VI isn't that bad. The problem is, it stumbles a bit in the mid-way, and has a bit of odd pacing, for a DQ game.

As for combat; it's the same as the last 2 DS remakes. Same interface, same graphic engine, some new enemies and skills, and oh yes; the class system. DQVI introduces an updated version of DQIII's class system, in which character can change to any class they want. This means there is actually some customization to be had with your party, albeit, limited. Unlike in the future games like DQVII and DQIX, characters use specific weapon-types regardless of class, and most characters are recommended to role classes that aren't too far off from their initial abilities. You can try, of coarse, but the leveling of classes is solely dependent on beating monster around your level, so you might not want to waste too much time powering up experimental classes, and just stick with improving each characters unique aspects. One other negative is that monster recruiting was downsized, supposedly to make DQV's monster recruiting feature stand-out more. It's sad, but you will only gain a handful of monsters on your Quest.

Despite these snags, Dragon Quest VI is still a worthwhile experience for any DQ fan, and anyone interested in 'lost' games. I would also highly suggest renting DQIV,V, VIII and IX as they are all fun in their own way, and it will help you familiarize yourself with DQ as a whole.

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Quit dreaming...

posted by greg137 (CALDWELL, ID) Nov 5, 2012

Member since May 2010

If you think this game is good forget about it... I thought I wrote a review before? Anyway all the dragon quest games from 5-7 use the same sprites for their characters which makes these games have a tired feel to them... Not only that but the game doesn't get good until you get abpout half way in to get to the good stuff... As for the leveling for the classes, though you basicallyu have to fight in an area where the level cap permits you to power up your classes.. AMAZON is selling this game rather cheaply, so if you want it you could invest some pocket change to get it... There are worse games you could be getting, but it is sad that the only good dragon quest games are 1, 2,3, and 9... The only other good part about this game beyond the price is the class change system which is where the level cap comes into play..
Needless to say that the level cap on classes is a major deal breaker... I do have to say that I heard on the web that the class change system on this game allows for weapons to be class dependant... And that by shifting classes means that your party members can use new weapon types.. I am still some what "flipping the coin" as to wheather or not to get it, but as things currently stand... I don't think I will...
Even odder still is the fact that Dragon Quest 9 was released State side before this one was... Well, we try before we buy, which is why we have gamefly...

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GF Rating

Really Bad


posted by Cyko (LOUISBURG, NC) May 5, 2012

Member since May 2012

this game epicly sucks the graphics are a peice of trash you will be much better getting sentinels of starry skys which is exactly what im doing

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posted by darthsonic (FORT SMITH, AR) May 30, 2011

Member since Jul 2010

Shure,its new. Shure its fun. Shure the first part is boring. Shure its twisted. Shure I just got it for my birthday the 29th.(may) Shure the battles are harsh. Don't throw it out JUST yet. Wait. Then it gets fun FAST.

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A bog-standard jRPG

posted by LemmyKoopa (MADISON, WI) May 3, 2011

Top Reviewer

Member since Jan 2011

While this game has nothing blatantly wrong with it and could well keep you occupied for 40 hours plus, there's little about this game that's both original and well implemented to help it to stand out from any other RPG that's out there.

The game has two main gimmicks to it.

There's the fact that most of the game takes place across two worlds, the real world and the dream world. But unlike in some other games, your actions in one world rarely affect the other so the relationship between them isn't very dynamic. It could just as well have been one very big world. It's not as though the dream world, despite its name, is all that fantastical. This element of the game eventually feeds into the plot, but you're still going to have to play a while to get beyond the very mundane "Murdaw is a demon; Demons bad; Hero go kill Murdaw" plotline.

The other relatively original element is the job system. There's probably close to two dozen jobs in the game, although some of them can only be unlocked from learning other jobs first. As a rule I like job systems where you can pick and choose along the way. But this one is deeply flawed. First of all, you don't get access to them until 10+ hours through the game. Until then, battles are very standard, mostly very easy as well, as you're also led through the game from point A to point B. Another problem is that, job system or no, each individual character has his own strengths and abilities anyway, which will guide you through the job-selection process. You'd never want to make the powerhouse Carter into a mage, for example. Finally, while you can theoretically change jobs at any time, doing so means you won't master them unless you're going to spend extra time doing boring training. I gave four of my characters jobs as soon as possible, and only 2 of them mastered their second level jobs by the time I reached the final boss though I never strayed.

You'd do just as well to download someone's RPG Maker game.

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suckey game

posted by 2brothers (GASTONIA, NC) Feb 25, 2011

Member since Aug 2010

It is a good game until you get your quest.

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