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GF Rating


Good for most, average for DQ

posted by EnixHighwind (VIRGINIA BEACH, VA) Sep 1, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

I've been playing Dragon Quest since it was known on the American shore as Dragon Warrior. I've beaten just about every one of the series, so I feel I am qualified to judge this game on it's merits.

Story: 9/10 The plot to this game follows your main character throughout his life, from birth through the end. Different things happen based on your (relitively few) choices. I beat this in roughly 25-30 hours (I forgot to check before I sent it back). It's a fairly robust story, though I would've liked to see more backstory to your other characters. Essentially, instead of "Let's save the world, and we might find your family" as an afterthought, the story was more like "Let's find your family, and we might save the world".

Gameplay: 8/10 Bear in mind, this is an old school rpg. There's not alot of things to affect this score as it's entirely menu driven. That said, they included an ability to speed up battle text, which for me kept most battles from being tedious. Also, while there were only 6 consistantly playable human characters (and most of them aren't with you for most of the game), they include the ability to catch and train monsters. This is random, though they give you a way to tell if you can catch them via the "Big Book of Beasts" item.

Music: 9/10 Standard Dragon Quest faire. This hasn't changed a whole lot since NES.

Graphics: 9/10 Good, for the DS.

Replayability: 10/10 I realize on this one I'm not a good judge, but in 25+ hours, I didn't do everything, and there's still two other brides to pick.

Rent/Buy: If you like old school RPG's, buy. If not, probably either rent or stay away.

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GF Rating


best dq game ever

posted by bigmax111 (CHESTERFIELD, MO) Jun 7, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

I was so excited about this game the funniest part is when you get a wife!lol!!!!!!!!!!!!I used cheats to beat it but I could not beat the final secret boss estark.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Great Story, Slow Progression

posted by BigScary (REDMOND, WA) Oct 19, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

+Epic, engaging story.
+Choosing monsters for your party adds depth to combat and a design element.
+Characters joining/leaving party with story keeps things fresh.
-Slow to get started, very few interesting combat options at first.
-LOTS of grinding for experience and money.

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