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Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride


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This game is even better than the last one.

posted by tiloho (OSHKOSH, WI) Mar 13, 2009

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Once your character grows up you reach a town where you can buy a wagon. The wagon allows you to collect monsters to add to your party. Unlike Dragon warrior monsters, however, there doesn't seem to be a way to encourage specific monsters to want to join. The only choice you seem to have is to say yes or no when a monster asks to join you. At some point, you'll be forced to marry in order to get the Zenithian shield. You'll have the choice of 3 different brides. I'm not sure how much of an impact this choice makes on the story. One of the things that I like about this game is that the casino board game returns for the first time since Dragon Warrior III. Your character will also start a museum collection to store and display the knick knacks collected throughout the game. Even if your bride doesn't change the story there is plenty of replay value in trying to collect all the different monsters available in the game. You can also trade knick knacks on line, although I never bothered with that.

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One of the best in the series!

posted by Stud420 (VANCOUVER, WA) Jun 27, 2009

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Dragon Quest V for the Nintendo DS is a remake of an age old classic. This game is one of my favorites in the series, and like the majority of past DQ's allows you to create your own party and take on the games story however you may choose. One of the top features of this title, which I feel it executes better than other DQs, is the monster raising system. Throughout your quest (once you obtain a wagon) you are able to defeat and through total chance, recruit monsters to fight along side you in the game. Monsters may not be utterly important to your success in defeating the ultimate evil, but they not only bolster the classic RPG's gameplay, they add hours upon hours of replayability to it as well! Each monster has its own set of skills and abilities it can learn through leveling up, some of which arent obtainable even through leveling up the main human characters in the game. Whether you recruit a lowly regular Slime, or the elusive Liquid Metal Slime (which has the lowest recruit rate of all monsters), you can effectively enjoy hours and hours of monster raising throughout your quest! Another great feature in this DQ is the extremely unique way(at least for the DQ series) the story is played out- instead of chapters like its predecessor DQ IV, it is played out through a series of time skips, allowing you to experience the world and its characters as they change over time. As with all Dragon Quest titles, along your journey you will face hardships and shocking story twists, which will excite you and keep you guessing at every turn! And all along the way you can recruit new monsters, collect knick-knacks that act as trophies of your accomplishments or perserverence, meet tons of colorful characters, and explore a plethora of tough dungeons and unique kingdoms! Dragon Quest V is a must play for any fan of traditional Japanese RPGs! And anyone that likes a good story which is told throughout a fantastic game!

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posted by zerocoolmo (INDEPENDENCE, MO) Mar 2, 2009

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well dragon quest v is a great game for a dragon quest fan, you start off as boy searching for a legendary hero. This game can be hard for some well... because its dragon quest if you played one you know what to expect, level grinding, but that's dragon quest. The game lets monsters join your team and you can give them armor and weapons which is nice but the game deserves a try if you get upset or stuck find a walkthrough.

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