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Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors


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Sweetness & All That Good Stuff.

posted by shiftergs (SAN JACINTO, CA) Apr 17, 2012

Member since Apr 2011

This game is pretty awesome, it really makes use of the Wii controllers, well the main controller anyways. The game is unlike other Dragonquests, the story is simplified to a small kingdom instead of the world, which is a nice turn of pace. The party members you choose from and their skills they build can be useful in battle, but not really too big a deal unless heal for boss or farming. Speaking of farming, that takes awhile but its not necessary.

Upgrading weapons are easy as the items are commonly picked up. Re-doing dungeons after you reach a higher level and getting a better score in the dungeon profits much with better item drops and so forth.

Voice acting is kind of iffy but its not a big deal. Character designs are pretty cool, and I like how you can have one of the companions (party members) actually say your name, its cool.

With how you swing the sword as if you were actually holding it, the exciting story, the fun characters, the humor, the decent graphics, and the beautiful music; this is one game you must try. If you want a Wii RPG then this is it. Its short, but sweet.

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posted by psuperman100 (AURORA, CO) Jul 28, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

This game is very fun. If you come into this game expecting something like Dragon Quest IX, it won't be fun. It is basically a rail swordfighter. In first-person. If you expected this or something like it, youll have a great time. If not, don't rent this game.

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posted by Stenzel (GARDEN CITY, MN) May 8, 2011

Member since Nov 2010

Coming from SQ. Enix, you would expect a decent game. This game is not that. First, the movement of the character is limited and difficult... you use the D-pad rather then the Nun-chuk, enough said. Your character walks in a straight line and runs in to monsters. You have to swing the Wii mote in different directions to kill them, which can be fun, yet becomes very repetitive after a few fights. After playing other Dragon Quest games, I expected more from this game... I was wrong.

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