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Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors


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An RPG for Beginners

posted by Ciradus (MCKEESPORT, PA) Apr 21, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

The use of the Wii remote as your weapon brings a breath of fresh air to the RPG series. However, in order to successfully execute vertical, horizontal, and diagonal slashes the remote must remain in the thumb-up position which can be sometimes hard to maintain when you get engrossed in a battle and pretend to be swinging a sword. This can result with you not executing the slash you were desiring.

The simple progression of each chapter combined with only one city to learn and render services from make this a great game for anyone either looking for a simple RPG experience or trying their hand at an RPG for the first time. In addition, the impressive voice acting made the experience more enjoyable and entertaining.

This is a very simplified RPG targeted at the casual gamer. There may not be a lot of items, equipment, spells, etc., but that doesn't work against this game. Although I would love to see a deeper Dragon Quest in the future, this was still plenty of fun to play!

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The Game Was Broken

posted by stewrut (RALEIGH, NC) Apr 20, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

The game dragon sowrds had a chiped side and was warped i wasnt hapyy about that

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Very Good

Awesome game...just over way too soon.

posted by Avasira (HARRISON, AR) Apr 8, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

First the good. The artwork of the game is beautiful as is typical in a square enix game. Especially during the Master Stroke sequences. The story is not very deep, but is very entertaining all the same.

It was disappointing to only get to experience about 5-6 hours of new content in the game, however the rating system and mini-games were very entertaining and can add up to 10 hours in getting the highest score on every game possible.

The controls are pretty good. Though i did find that it was extremely frustrating to ever try to jab with the sword. The shield responded great, and most slashes were spot on, but the most powerful normal attack, the jab, seemed near impossible to pull off.

The only complaints really have of the game would be that when you have a companion on your adventures, they tend to act awkwardly. They use random actions, however you can adjust what tactics you want them to use, similar to a very simplified gambit system from Final Fantasy 12. They also get annoying always just jumping on the screen at random to tell you short words of encouragement. Aside from that would be the price tag. Not really enough play to justify a 50$ new or 40$ used tag. It would definitely provide enough fun for 20 bucks.

All in all, it's definitely worth checking out. If your a fan of rpgs or fps slashers, you'll enjoy it for a time. However, you'll be disappointed if your looking for something that offers a little more depth.

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