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Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors


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Really Bad

Frustrating controls, unpolished potential

posted by sdgamer (SAN DIEGO, CA) Mar 28, 2009

Member since Jun 2007

This game is actually based off a standalone game released only in Japan, which is infinitely better than this weakly executed imitation. The biggest flaw with this game is its controls, which don't work the way you'd think and were clearly a lazy afterthought tacked on. The controls for this game completely cripple gameplay because almost the entire challenge of the game becomes struggling with the controls and getting your actions to actually register.

Unlike the original game this is based on where you can simply swing your sword left/right high/low, you literally have to aim your Wiimote at the screen to pick your "target" and then perform a swing. This two step action to simply swing a sword makes no sense when almost the entire game is about swinging your sword!

It's quite awkward that immediately after pointing your Wiimote you must slide it to the side. If that weren't bad enough, the game fails to recognize your command half the time.

Also, you cannot "swing" your sword as the game repeatedly reminds you of in the beginning. You must "slide" your Wiimote left and right to perform a horizontal slash, and "slide" your Wiimote top to bottom for a downward slash. Wiimote is pointless. The original game had no such issue. Your shield is controlled by pointing at the screen, which was done much better in the original.

This game comes down to a button mash fest because of flawed design, and you have to perform two actions to make one targeted attack. You need to do targeted attacks because one targeted attack can do more damaged than two or three default attacks (which cross the center of the screen). In other words, simply swinging at default might hit one enemy when a targeted attack will hit three. Once you target though it's a mash fest until you or the enemy dies. Oh and an occasional block.

The dialogue, weak story, and inconsistent graphics could be overlooked if the game didn't spend so much time on them. Just let me fight like the original

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GF Rating


really really short game

posted by JRSYSLNGR (TONAWANDA, NY) Mar 14, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

this game was wayyyyy too short, r u kidding me? only 8 chapters? i was a huge fan of the previous dragonquest game for ps2- the cursed king, that game was phenomenal and very under rated, such a great game, i was so excited when i heard that they were making this game for the Wii and it was soooo short that this entire game is equal to about one of the chapters in the cursed king... ya its that short!! so bad, so disappointed, oh well, i guess i can always play the old one for ps2 again

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GF Rating


Infantile, with no freedom of play

posted by MalcolmO (NAVARRE, FL) Jul 11, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

First and foremost: If you like RPG's avoid this title like the plague.

The "dungeons" are all track-based, meaning that you can either move forward, or backward. No exploration. No secrets. No freedom. No sidequests. In other words, it's basically Pokemon Snap with pre-determined battles in the exact same spots every time.

Beyond that, don't play this game if you have a modicum of maturity. Cartoon-ish villains are frankly infantile, and the glaring plotholes in the story are large enough to drive a Buick through. But what's even worse is that the game itself points out these flaws pretty frequently, and attempts to laugh them off.

Considering what Square-Enix is capable of, I am left to believe that this game was designed for 6 year-olds who don't look for character, story, depth, or gameplay.

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