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Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies


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No extra save files!!!

posted by tiloho (OSHKOSH, WI) Jul 26, 2010

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This game is a little different from the norm in that you can see and avoid some of the monsters or chase them if you want. The graphics are great even on the small screen. Some level ups will even give you skill points to distribute to your character. One of the drawbacks for me was the lack of control over some partners. A big one for me was the lack of any extra save files.

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at first i was like :)

posted by havochaos (BOONE, NC) Jul 23, 2010

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at first i was like :) then i was like :(, this game is just way to much grinding for levels, when you switch your vocation or class you go back to level 1! your skills from you previous class carry over but come on, why must i go back to level 1? i was so excited for this game but this game is way to long for a nds game, i played for hours and hours until my eyes literally hurt, then out of the blue i said i dont want to play this anymore, maybe if you could journey with people over WI-FI it would be way better because i could just focus on 1 or 2 of my characters but no, thats not how it is, if there wasn't so much time spent on changing class from level 40 to level one and grinding to get your level back just to find out that there is another class that you just unlocked and you gotta go down to level 1 again, it would be a great game, THE GRAPHICS ARE GOOD THOUGH

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GF Rating

Very Good

A few minor flaws.

posted by Ahiam94 (COTTAGE GROVE, OR) May 24, 2014

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Let me start by saying this game is amazing! One of the best JRPG's on the ds. It's got a fairly original story, a great combat system and so much to do that you'll be playing for hundreds of hours.

With that said there are a few minor flaws that kinda take away from what could have been. One thing is the music. This game is proceeding Dragon Quest VIII which had one of the greatest scores in gaming history, which makes this games music all the more awful. Every song made me think that Square-Enix had completed the game and forgot about the music, so they just through some things together to finish the game. Although the music in the game isn't that important, it's always nice to get a great score to with with the epic boss fights.

Another flaw that isn't so small is the way the game was translated. I don't know who was in charge of doing it, but they need to be fired. When I see an ancient demon pop out of a jar that has been cursing an entire village, I expect dialogue of an evil beast, not the dialogue of a hillbilly. Instead of going out with a "I curse you all!" This demon yells out, "Ah don' want ta go back in tha gosh-durned p0t!" Kinda takes away any intimidation I could've gotten from the demon.

And the continues pun of Stella replacing the word "flipping" with "flapping" because she has wings isn't cute or funny. It makes me hate her. I'd much rather have Navy from Ocarina of Time guiding me on this quest than that annoying fairy.

Aside from the flaws, which are annoying, this game is amazing. Classic turned based fighting and the usual weird Dragon Quest monsters makes this game well worth playing. Just as long as you can handle a bad score and horrible southern accent demons.

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