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Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies


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Very Good

Everything Right... few things wrong... very few

posted by natewalker (HOUSTON, TX) Sep 10, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

Alright this is jrpg meeting wrpg on a hand held and it was pulled off for the most part!

There is so much to do and the game is always pulling you back in to find the items you need or that last monster to kill and all this can be credit to the games stat keeping. Level grinding is here but it is not too pain full and the fact that there are few areas with "random" battles you can really choose when to grind and when to run. The lack of random battles is one of many ways this game fails to rush you and when I say fail I say that with a positive smile. You see you don't have to rush from one cut scene to the next and still have meaning full content to uncover. Between leveling, collecting, killing and questing this is getting close to an open ended sandbox rpg and for the most part it is fun.

Ok so what went wrong..............
the story............
I am glad that the game doesn't rush you through from plot point to plot point because the plot sucks! If all i had was the story to grade this game by it would get a flop of about a 5 but with the massive amount of content and extras this game is pushed to an 8.5.

What is my beef with the story. well the main part of the story is more of a collection of short stories with a common denominator, which is not all that bad of an idea it is just the short stories are basically the same each time you hear it. Person or monster eats a fruit and now is out of control and you have to stop it.... this is fine but after 7 incarnations of the same thing it grew boring. Now the last part of the story after the fruit finding the story comes around a bit and gets a little better.

Over all this is a great and fun game that I am so glad I picked up! I highly recommend this game the difficulty is low but the mechanics are good.

buy it!

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Maybe best RPG of the year...or FF heroes of light

posted by Assasain15 (Copperas Cove, TX) Aug 17, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

While searching for games of the year i stumbled across this RPG. I played a lot of DQ games but i have to say this is the best of the series. The graphics are just perfect for the DS. The music is very catching, story...depends on how you look at it. I especially love that you can create your own hero your own way! you can also create your own class(BTW you can only change classes later in the game) you can connect with friends fight as a team. so far this game is not half bad. Tip: don't pay attention to the armor effect it gives you in the game, don't focus on defense either, why? cause if you do, your character will be very weirdly dressed. My advice chose your own style.

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Dragon Quest 9

posted by mantodd (CHILLICOTHE, OH) Aug 16, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

if you like the traditional rpg its a must play i played this constantly and hated when i beat it the best game for the DS

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