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Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies


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at first i was like :)

posted by havochaos (BOONE, NC) Jul 23, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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at first i was like :) then i was like :(, this game is just way to much grinding for levels, when you switch your vocation or class you go back to level 1! your skills from you previous class carry over but come on, why must i go back to level 1? i was so excited for this game but this game is way to long for a nds game, i played for hours and hours until my eyes literally hurt, then out of the blue i said i dont want to play this anymore, maybe if you could journey with people over WI-FI it would be way better because i could just focus on 1 or 2 of my characters but no, thats not how it is, if there wasn't so much time spent on changing class from level 40 to level one and grinding to get your level back just to find out that there is another class that you just unlocked and you gotta go down to level 1 again, it would be a great game, THE GRAPHICS ARE GOOD THOUGH

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Started as a great game but got boring

posted by Aragorn225 (FREDERICK, MD) Jul 29, 2010

Member since Nov 2006

Let it be known I have never played the DQ games, so I have no idea what the previous games were like. In the early chapters of the game, I felt like it was a great game, with tons of customization, monsters, and dungeon crawling, and even if you did have to sometimes backtrack a bit so you could train a bit before taking on a boss, it was still a cool and awesome game. What annoyed me though, was that it seemed at time like an open-world fantasy game, which it wasn't. Realizing this made me a bit annoyed but I kept going with it.

Then I got to the point in which the storyline of the game got clear which inspried me to play more. After that, it all went downhill. First of all, changing your vocation set you back to level one which was a major setpback for my level 20 power minstrel, so whatever, I decided I'll keep with Minstrel vocation. Then I realized, to survive the next few boss battles, I have to get better armor, so I pay a visit to the armory, turns out the only good armor they have can only be worn by Warrior vocation characters.

The game is very good up until that point. Maybe you feel different, btu definitely rent this game before buying.

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I gave it a shot....

posted by Junkie22 (JACKSON HEIGHTS, NY) Sep 30, 2010

Member since Mar 2008

I love old school rpgs becasue they kept game play simple and progressive while providing great storylines that kept u hooked and wanting more.
Dragon quest 9 fails on the story telling fact i found it horrible .............generic and way to religious.....the old school element of the turned based combat mixed with character customization and class progession was addicting. however in the end the game is to easy and requires to much grinding shadowed by an undesirable story that doesnt leave u wanting more. after 10+ hours i felt like i was wasteing my time and there was gonna be nothing deep original and submersive that was gonna unfold within the game.

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