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Quest for the Ages

posted by Pocky22 (ERIE, PA) Jul 14, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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I'm a long-time Dragon Quest fan, having grown up on the original NES games way back when (you know, when they changed it to Warrior). That out of the way though, I had already expected this game to be great. The series finally got a revival her in the states, thanks to the popularity of DQVIII, and for those who are interested in picking this game up based on how they liked that game, you will be delighted to find that DQIX well lives up to it. Hey, it may have even surpassed it.

This time around you're given a hero or heroine you make from scratch. The system is fun and allows you to make unique characters (or your favorite DBZ character, if that's your thing), even your teammates this time around are self-created. While this takes out the character elements of your team in previous installments, it allows you more personalization to tinker with. Each class feels vastly different in style and what they can and cannot wear/use, allowing each one of your teammates to feel unique in combat.

Combat itself is no longer random, with enemies on the map to choose to battle or not (you can even 'hunt' metal slimes). Taking mix of DQVIII's tension system, you also gain class specific coup' de grace abilities, that range from Monks scaring a group of opponents while building tension to Armamentalist increasing the EXP gained from battle. Battles also move smoothly, as each character actively positions themselves in combat, as apposed to standing in a line.

Multiplayer is superb, with up to 3 people being able to join up for questing and loot. Experienced players can help newer friends by joining up, or friends can share maps for even more questing. an Online store allows you to nab rare items, and bi-DLC quests are coming soon, for free.

By far, this is the best Dragon Quest game to date, even beating out DQVIII in sheer fun and customization. If you're a fan of DQ, or someone who has never tried one, this is a must get for any RPG fan.

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Familiar RPG elements come together brilliantly

posted by slurmaster (ARLINGTON, TX) Sep 2, 2010

Member since Aug 2007

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

While Dragon Quest IX does not necessarily pioneer any new terrritories in the RPG field, all of the staples of the genre converge to make an addicting and thoroughly enjoyable experience. You create a character right off the bat, and start off as a sort of guardian angel who watches over a small village. In the interest of keeping this as spoiler free as possible, I'll reveal nothing more than that you fall from your "celestrian" status to the world of the mortals and have to embark on a quest to regain your position in the heavens. After a few quests where you help people out with some menial tasks, you move to a larger town where you can assemble your party. All of the characters you create (you can have up to four in your party at any given time) follow the same guidelines as the main character, and their abilities and levelling are based on their respective classes. One thing I did find annoying was that not even half of the classes are available at first, and by the time you gain access to other classes (or to change the class of characters in your current party) you will have already invested a considerable amount of time getting to your current levels.
Combat is turn-based, but you CAN see every monster on the map, so there won't be any unexpected battles(except when you're in the boat)and the N64-era graphics aren't groundbreaking, aside from the lush cartoon animations of sparse cutscenes. There is also no real protagonist to lead any sort of narrative, and your party's interactions with the denizens of the world are carried out by a spunky fairy that emerges from your pocket whenever necessary. However, I found myself becoming strangely attached to the four little polygonal characters I had created, and would sometimes obsess over tracking down an ingredient to alchemise with another ingredient to make a stave for my martial artist or some boots for my warrior. All of the weapons and armor show up on your characters too.

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Best RPG game for the ds ever!

posted by bobbobbob (MISSION, TX) Aug 1, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

Man i was seeing so many times the commercial of this game and right off the bat i thought it was gonna be a great game and i was right. I never played any Dragon quest games and with this game it made me want to get the other dragon quest games. I love the graphics and the gameplay of this game. If you never played any dragon quest games like me, have no worries because this game is the perfect game to start with!

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