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Don't Let the Simplicity Fool You! Amazingly Deep!

posted by lazygamer (Northridge, CA) Sep 26, 2006

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This is a deceptively deep game even though your character controls/moves are to jump, a stretch-slingshot attack and carry a stack of stuff/enemies to throw. But what it lacks in moves (and you don't even notice), it makes up for in personality and depth. It's puzzle game, it's a dungeon-crawl adventure game, it's a real-time strategy game all rolled into a delightful package. Although the touchscreen is not used for actual touch purposes, it does give a view of the interior and exterior of your tank during the tank battles. I find it very funny that you can take things from the enemy tank, throw it in your cannon and fire it back! With a slight Pokemon-like feel, you'll have to find all your slime friends and restore your town. The animation is cute, the characters are totally Square-Enix. Yes, it's slightly cliché and we all know the outcome but, come play a little blue slime guy! If you want a "serious" RPG, wait until Final Fantasy III...but there's no blue slime...

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A Must Own

posted by db013616 (BATH, NY) Sep 28, 2006

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Everthing about this game is done right. First off the graphics in this game are amazing. They are very bright and very colorful. The music is composed beautifully and fans of past Dragon Quest games will run into some familiar toons. Also the controls for this game are amazing. They are very simple with most of the actions being mapped to the a or b buttons. Overall if I had any complaints about this game, they would be the difficulty and the length. Overall it feels like the difficulty in this game has been toned way down, therefore making this game only last for about 10 hours to get everything. Even with these two minor complaints I would still give this a 10. I am going to recommend this game to anybody who owns a Nintendo DS and would classify it as a must own.

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Very Good

Good clean fun

posted by Haystack (WESTERVILLE, OH) Oct 5, 2006

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Simply put, this game is a fantastic. The basic story is nothing new - the big bad guy needs to be defeated so that the little blue slime you play can save your town. All your slime buddies can be rescued in each level, 100 in all. Each one you recover grants you either ammo or a recipe, and a few unlock new options in town (like a shop). Puns litter the dialogue, but it's typically hilarious, as are a number of the sound effects. And if you're a fan of the Dragon Quest games, you'll surely recognize a lot of the monsters and music. The graphics are simple but cute.

This game does put a new spin on RPGs, however - it features tank battles. Picture Howl's Moving Castle, but with cannons that launch all the items you find and collect in every level. You can collect the "baddies" too, and once you have enough they offer to help you with your tank battles. Collecting is made very simple: bounce the items/baddies onto your head and deposit them on one of many carts around you that head back to your town. Not hard at all.

In fact, the whole game lacks much of a challenge. I never lost a tank battle, for one thing. Once a tank reaches 0 HP, the "heart" of it must be destroyed by the opposing player. I would hit 0 HP very fast in some battles, but it was easy to keep the other guy out of my way until I could go to his tank and win. Also, I never died. You can literally walk through enemies unless they're actively attacking you. There's much potential for special moves in this game (you only ever unlock one), and the touch screen isn't used (unless you count "painting" in the castle, which has no point).

Despite the down sides, I say pick it up. It's worth it.

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