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Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire


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Great Gameplay and Wrongly Judged

posted by ThaSquare (ROSEVILLE, CA) Feb 12, 2009

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It has dragons, it has blades, and it has fire. Oh yes, that can only equal awesome if my super awesomeness calculator is working right. Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire brings the heat with some heinously difficult boss battles the likes of which have yet be equaled in many of the Wii games I’ve found. Toss in one wicked sword that can become a huge frickin’ dragon head and you’ve got a game to reckon with.

The real bread and butter of this game is the combat system. You swing the Wii Remote (and also thrust) in appropriate directions to swing the sword and link together combos. On the third swing, you complete the combo with a powerful attack that will do a different amount of damage according to the way you swung. You can also attack and do more specific swings in the air and that’s just the surface. Once you gather together more of the Dragon Blade pieces, you can launch attacks according to the piece you use. There are several pieces to get, including the head, two arms, and wings among others. From clapping together the dragon’s hands to sprouting his wings and flying, this seriously is one combat system I doubt many games have ever tried.

It’s too bad this game hasn’t gotten the attention is deserves. It got such a brow beating for some very insignificant problems like the reused enemies throughout the game and the fact that the strongest attack, the thrust, is rather hard to pull off. These, to me, are minor problems when compared to the rest of the game. Like the combat system; I think the sword swinging aspect beats The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess’ set up. In Twilight Princess, you must hold the direction you wish to swing down with the Nunchuck and then perform a swing; in Dragon Blade, you just swing.Anyways, if you’re searching for an action-packed game for the weekend, look no further than Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire.

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Dragon Blade: Where's the Fire?

posted by Areskar (MARSHALLTOWN, IA) Dec 29, 2008

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Despite virtually copying the controls from Legend of Zelda, the game mechanics are obtuse at best, frustrating all but the most adept gamers. The story line is sub-par, with the narration being done in a dry-monotone that does little to energize an already lack-luster story. While graphics for the Wii are not the highest priority, this games visuals are hardly better than those seen on Playstation and Nintendo 64. I do not recommend for any players, as adults will find the story childish, and children will find the difficulty frustrating.

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if you want a challenge this is the game for you

posted by dooger (SYRACUSE, NY) Dec 16, 2008

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i am an average gamer and i like to think that i m a serious gamer, but i felt this game was to hard. i had it for a 2 weeks and by the end i just said " i dont care anymore, i'm not going to keep a game just so i can beet it", so on that note i sealed it and sent it back. i dont know about you but if you are a gamer that likes a challenge than this is the game for you.

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