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Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire


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Very Good

Good, solid Game

posted by Mrniceguy8 (BROOKLYN, NY) Sep 29, 2007

Member since Sep 2007

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Dragon Blade is obviously a title that was born for the Wii, and that's something you can't say about most Wii games out now. The controls work flawlessly and make the game more enjoyable.

The game can be hard at times, and you may find yourself starting over a 5 minute check point over and over until you've mastered how to defeat every single enemy, but the combat is so engaging and just plain fun, that you won't mind much. It's simply wonderful to watch as you completely annihilate 20 swarming enemies with your powerful and gorgeous dragon techniques.

The graphics may not be top notch or incredibly detailed, but they get the job done and they certainly follow a mood. The CGI is nothing more or less than you would expect with a budget game such as this one and there is no voice acting, which may be disappointment for some.

The story line is not the best, but it is original and compelling.

What really disappointed me the most is that the game is a bit short, but it makes for a perfect rental, and I recommend that you rent it.

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if it just fell on your know youd play

posted by kuldotha (OMAHA, TX) Dec 8, 2007

Member since Dec 2007

im not a huge fan with how this games judged

i mean look at it this way...its nice and lengthy for the kind of game it is...this game is by no means whatsoever boring. while i will say its almost an exact remnisc of its similar genre friend....the playstation 1 video game dragon valor...which was nice and fun but by no means worth buying for its release price...which is the exact problem i have...and hence my title...if it fell on your lap free of charge you know youd go ta town on dis game.
and my only other problem was its..''cough''values as far as games today go....this looks like a game playstation 2 would have released as a console launch overall..biggest problem is its sorta....dated gamestyle...

DO NOT BUY!....only rent.

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i like this game.

posted by ampsy05 (DALY CITY, CA) Sep 30, 2007

Member since Apr 2006

my first response is for an action game it had a really long introduction with really pathetic voice acting. then they ditch the voices completely. the stories pretty standard and the main character has no personality. the graphics are totally cheap. but after a couple of hours of playing it i find myself surprised because it holds up the way it does. the levels are straight forward. theres no puzzles. the fighting is solid even with your characters limited attack movements. the difficulty is well balanced and the bosses are challenging but not to the degree of frustration. everything i like in a game.

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