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Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire


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Above Average

Wrath indeed!!

posted by DirtyDan (CANYON COUNTRY, CA) Sep 30, 2007

Member since May 2007

26 out of 27 gamers (96%) found this review helpful

Many games hope to improve on what seems to be a very simple concept. swing the remote and voala!! you swing your sword! Well, lets just say this seems to be a lot more difficult to do since this game doesn't seem to get it right.

1: Swordplay is not as responsive as per say Zelda! the game play is more combo based (i.e swing left then right and then up for a 3 hit combo)which will sometimes not really register the correct motion. Also you can not attack and run at the same time which makes for some frustrating times when you a perfectionist since the game keeps track of all hits taken and applies it to your overall level percent!

2: voice acting is actually good!! BUT!!! they use it only in the beginning of the game which makes the rest of the game feel a little empty.

3: Many of the bosses are far to easy. Lets just say that with the first two strikes you pretty much have their pattern down pat.

1: Swordplay is actually fun. a certain extent. unlike zelda not every swing is registered, but if you slow down your swing and time it, it really does feel a little more accurate.

2: The dragon powers rocked!! Kind of like a mega man game in which after you beat each boss you get to use their dragon ability. After defeating the first boss you receive what i call the "dragon fist" which you can use to unlock sealed doors and wreak havoc on some beasts.

3: The graphics are actually very good despite what most people will say. I loved the many different atmospheres you had to enjoy through the course of the game although some can feel a little empty and feel like the developers forgot something here and there, hey I'm not complaining its in the pro section

well that pretty much wraps it up. please rate this review for me and much thanx for reading.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Uninspiring and unremarkable in every way!

posted by nbowling (MACKINAW, IL) Jan 22, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I rented this game because I read a review of it which said this was a title more geared toward adult players unlike many of the games for the Wii. After playing it for a while, I'm sure that a nine year old would agree it is completely lame. The graphics are barely on par with a last generation game system, the sound was muddy and terribly mixed, and the basic story was childish drivel. The controls were also not intuitive in any way, and the action was totally repetitive and boring. I know this was a lower budget title, but I would have been horrified to put my name on it! Don't waste your time with this one!

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GF Rating


Dull And Flawed Game

posted by TuxBobble (EDISON, NJ) Oct 1, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

11 out of 13 gamers (85%) found this review helpful

There's not a whole lot to say about this game. It's just not worth playing.

The controls work sometimes, but not always. After playing for a bit, I was able to get MOST of the controls right (up/down vs. left/right) with the exception of thrusting forward. For some reason, it would tend to act as if I were thrusting when I would shake side to side. While possible to overcome, the controls are an annoyance while you're adjusting, because you need to swipe once per swing on screen, not shake the Wiimote like crazy as per most other Wii titles available right now.

On another note, a bigger problem is that this game is just not fun. The very small move set gets old very fast, even with the weapon upgrades. There is no voice acting during some cutscenes, and poorly written dialog that comes off as ridiculous. Essentially, the game has cliche's after cliche's, and to a mature person who can look at the game critically, it's a huge disappointment.

If you're interested in buying a game for children, it MIGHT be okay. I say this because I don't know how long it would take a child to learn to execute the proper motions patiently enough for the game to recognize them. Other than the controls, it'd be great for a kid. But ironically, the game is rated T for Teen, which means that once you're old enough to be allowed to play this game, you probably won't want to anymore.

There are a few redeeming characteristics, because the visuals are somewhat nice, especially given some of the other Wii games released in the past year. But ultimately the game falls flat to a 4/10, in my opinion.

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