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Tire of Same Story Line

posted by ultimatesoldier (SHELBY, NC) Jan 7, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

The first couple of games were fine but now there just milking the dragon ball z franchise and its kinda gettin old

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not the best but really good

posted by sonic2012 (BALTIMORE, MD) Jan 3, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

i am a huge fan of dragon ball z and this game is okay kinda, the only bad thing about the game is that the fighting is repitive and the characters but other than that u will have a good time playing.Good luck

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Above Average

Eh, Depends on who plays it.

posted by The_Giff (OAK HARBOR, WA) Jan 3, 2012

Member since Dec 2011

First off, just like all the other reviews, the graphics are amazing, the best so far. The enviroment, the destruction, and the story were done perfectly. As most of the reviews went, this game took the biggest hit from the fighting, which lets be honest, is why most of us wanted to play this game.

So the only issue i had was the fighting. You will notice that no matter who you play against, or play with, all of the lock battle sequences are the same, now the lock battles are at the end of EVERY combo, either it be kai blasts or punches. Once in the lock battle they all require you to push square or triangle, and hope your opponent chooses the one you didnt. After that you just hold a direction on the analog and mash square/triangle depending on your choice until the lock battle is complete. You will do this 6-8 times EVERY fight. Its the same for EVERY person. Which was a huge downside to me.

Now for the ultimates, another reason why everyone loves these games, unlike tekken you can shoot giant beams of energy and take out half the planet. But to use them you have to get this blue meter up. To get this blue meter up you have to attack your oppenent. When you attack your oppenent you go into a lock battle. Once you get the blue meter to the level needed, for this instance we will say the Kamehameha, you just push the right analog up and bam!! Kamehameha. Now you will notice that the Kamehameha sequence looks just like the Galic gun, and while we are on the subject, the Masenko, and the Special beam cannon. Besides the color they will all either leave a hole in the ground or leave a revine in the earth in the line it traveled to your opponent. The same sequence for EVERY person, EVERY time.

Now with that being said i am 23 years old, i grew up watching DBZ so i enjoy playing the games, my only thought on this was that they had made this game to be child friendly. So this is a great game for your kids, but probably not for you.

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