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Really Bad

This is the only review you need to read....

posted by scbqqstn (WINDERMERE, FL) Oct 27, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

16 out of 26 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

I am a die hard DBZ fan, and have played practically all of the DBZ games that have come out. Let me tell you, I got bored of this game after only 30 minutes of playing it.

Let's do the good part first...

1) Graphics 9/10. They are superior, no question about it. This is the most beautiful DBZ game ever created. The fighting cut scenes, the powered up attacks (Kamehameha, spirit bomb, etc.) are simply glorious. Enviromental damage has returned... however it is a very flawed notion. Yeah massive craters show up during a super attack, but once the cutscene is over the damage is displayed outside the fighting arena, so you can't even fly over the massive crater you just created.

2) Boss fights 10/10 - This is a new feature that really shines. It brings an entirely new element into the game. However the boss fights where you can experience these new combat features (think God of War) are very few and far between.

The bad...

3) Dialogue 3/10 - It sucks. The voice actors are clearly tired of saying the same lines over and over again. To it's credit however, the dialogue is in fact better than most of the past DBZ games.

4) Gameplay 2/10 - That is no exaggeration, the gameplay is simpy that awful and is the main reason I returned the video game the very next day. One word, repetitive. I mean REALLY repetitive. No matter what character you are, the cutscene fight sequences are literally identical. It's cool the first couple of times watching it, then very quickly becomes boring. Fighting in this game is based on luck as opposed to skill. That is an enormous flaw that no good graphics can overcome. You have to try it for yourself to really understand how poor the battle system is. It would have been perfect if SPIKE was able to fuse the fighting engine of Raging Blast 2, with the graphics/cutscenes of Ultimate Tenkaichi.

For 2012, Spike needs to release Raging Blast 3, or a VASTLY improved version of UT2.

Do not buy this game, it's truly terrible

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great dbz game, after so many years of flops

posted by hippykiller (FREDERICKSBURG, VA) Oct 27, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

14 out of 23 gamers (61%) found this review helpful

I havent even finished all of this game yet but i had to buy it. I have been disapointed in all the new dbz games since tenkaichi 3.
If you played raging blast and burst limit, you know exactly what im talking about. definite buy.

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Worse dbz game ever

posted by decoy (WALKER, LA) Jan 12, 2012

Member since Nov 2011

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

pressing square 3 times and x twice is not a fighting game. its a movie while beating up your controller. boring.!!! great graphics, better be since you watch the game more than play during a fight.

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