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Very Good


posted by Kronotross (FREMONT, CA) Feb 22, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

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The combat resembles the Tenkaichi series more than the Budokai series, but it also the most unique DBZ game I've played in the past two generations.

The one critical flaw in the combat system is that it relies heavily on a "rock paper scissors" type of mechanic, where the success of your attack or counter is dependent on whether or not the attack type is guessed.
All things being even, that means a 50% chance for each melee combo or range transition to work.
Against another person, there is a sort of a high-level rock-paper-scissors dynamic this allows for, especially considering that the two attack types have different offensive and anti-defensive characteristics. When the fight starts, there is no point in me trying for the purple-themed combo that removes my enemy's ki, because he hasn't had a chance to charge any yet, but he also knows that and so he is more likely to counter it. Unless he knows that I know that he knows, so on and so forth.
Against the AI? It's either obvious because the enemy is always picking one color, or a complete crapshoot.

So the combat is competent, enjoyable, has some degree of depth, and actually replicates the feel of DBZ fights quite well. What is there to do with it?

The main story is surprisingly accurate up through the Cell Saga, then skims through Buu, a few movies, and the end of GT. The AI will cheat in an attempt to make fights hard that were losing battles in the show, but if you play defensively it's never frustratingly difficult. There are some fights against giant enemies (Oozaru, Hildegarn, etc) which overuse Quick Time Events, but are also enjoyable in their own way.
There is also a mode where you create your own Saiyan and do a less structured storyline that reads like a bad fan fiction. It has more flaws than I have space here to detail, but it shows a lot of potential and has its own grindy charm to it.

A solid rent for DBZ fans.
A difficult buy, even as I own six others.
For the everyman? Give it

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GF Rating

Very Good

Good Overall Game

posted by Henry121 (LYFORD, TX) Nov 2, 2011

Member since Nov 2008

4 out of 4 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Story- The story covers most of the Dragon-ball series. You can know nothing at all about Dragonball and still understand the story mode. It really sticks to the animated show. There is a Hero Mode that lets you customize you character in good detail. At first there are not a lot of options but you unlock everything as the game progresses. This includes, fighting styles, super moves, hair, clothes etc. I rate the story a 7

Graphics- The graphics are what I call block graphics. Block graphics involve heavy dark lines around the people and insanely cartoony graphics. Honestly they didn't have much leniency when making the game. It is after all based of a cartoon. But if you compare the graphics to the cartoon then I'd rate it a 9.

Gameplay-This is a fighting game and gameplay is critical. The battle system is phenomenal. It really unfolds like the TV show. Every punch, every ki move and every ultimate attack is true to the dragonball universe. Also you can fly around the Earth and planet Namek on your own and see all the key landmarks shown in the series which is cool. I rate it a 10

Heart-The heart factor is how much depth and feeling there is in a game. It's a huge factor for the story. The Story mode is exactly like the series so no surprises are offered, but the series itself has good depth. The Hero mode could have been better. There isn't too much character development or heart in it. I rate a 6.

Online-The online is predictable. FIGHT! The gameplay is really good and it transfers over to the online. I rate it a 8.

Overall it's a great game and Dragonball fan or not its still awesome. Definitely a game for anyone who likes the smash and brawl style feeling of Dragonball. It's worth a buy.

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GF Rating


Dragonball Ultimate Tenkaichi

posted by rockcity1988 (KIRKLAND, WA) Nov 2, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

4 out of 4 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

The visuals are what sets this game apart from previous games. The downfall is the direction they took the actual gameplay. I don't enjoy "blast range" and "melee range" flashing across the bottom of the screen if i'm far enough or close enough away to perform a specific attack. They should've taken elements from Dragonball Z Budokai 3 and Tenkaichi 3 and merged them in a coherent way. I hate that they use SS forms of characters as separate characters as a opposed to transformations. That's what the original Budokai series on ps2 got right. I'll have to play it a little more but the only reason it has such a decent score is because i've been a fan of DBZ for 13 years.

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