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Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi


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Dragon Ball Z: 1 Step Foward, 4 steps back

posted by ViralZero (MIRAMAR, FL) Mar 28, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi was a project. This is clear once you begin playing the game. The developers of this game probably had a vision of making a DBZ game which mimics the feel of DBZ more than any other game. They accomplished their goal, but at what cost?

Graphics: The graphics in DBZ:UT closely mimic the DBZ art style, specifically how the series artists colored in his characters in the comic books (manga). The art style is great, however the characters all look really stiff and uncomfortable and the great apes just look weird no matter how you slice it. Perhaps the developers should have focused on more than face value here? -7-

Sound: I'll admit I didn't play this game too long, but all the sound effects match the series sounds and the music is pretty rockin'. The voice acting is pretty dry but I wasn't expecting much there. It's hard to when these voice actors have voice the same lines dozens of times for years now. -7-

Story: Hey, the main story of DBZ is awesome. I'm pretty tired of experiencing it for the hundredth time now though. They spiced it up a bit with "Hero mode" but the acting and writing is so dull it's almost impossible to care about anything that happens there. -4-

Gameplay: The most important part of any game is it's gameplay. Unfortunately that's this game's weakest area. At first the battle system looks pretty complex, after you go through the tutorial however, you realize how painfully simple it is. I'll give it this, it IS satisfying when you do something cool and I like the ideas put into place whenever a Super Beam attack is launched, but other than that, it's mind-numbingly repetitive and incredibly monotonous. You will quickly realize that every character literally plays the same. -4-

Replay Value: On one hand I can't give this a fair score since I didn't finish the game but on the other... It wasn't good enough to keep me playing for more than a few hours. -3-

Overall score: -5-
Personal score: -4- Weak

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GF Rating

Above Average

Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Button Masher

posted by kidliberty86 (REDFOX, KY) Mar 23, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

This game lacks severely in combat mechanics. Every combo leads to a partial interactive cinematic that looks great, but you feel left out of the equation, because all you had to do to achieve this, was to press X a few times and then press X or Y. The graphics are great, I hate the sound track. I just don't understand why they don't incorporate some of the sound tracks that Bruce Faulconer orchestrated for the Toonami Dragon Ball Z series. The hero mode is fun, but also lacks depth. I assumed I would be able to forge my own destiny in this mode and face new enemies/threats/meet new allies... but I came to find out it's the original characters from the series mentoring you. What really caught my eye in this game, was an almost free roam kind of feel. You can fly around on your nimbus or just fly (both hero mode and the original campaign), using your scouter or dragon ball radar to discover dragon balls, outfits, random mini-battles, etc. This (at least in my opinion) is a step in the right direction for the dragon ball z series. A little more depth for the hero mode/combat mechanics, maybe some additional sound tracks from Bruce, and this game could very well be a 10 out of 10, but for the moment it's broken.

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GF Rating


Good, but not THAT good.

posted by mjgdougherty1 (CLAIRTON, PA) Mar 22, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

Great DBZ game. Matches the series as I remember it. But. It misses what the old games used to have. When you could just bust out a move mid-fight. Now the fights are just a constant combo to watch scene where everything can not be blocked. A- for effort, but overall C for reusing scenes with just different characters put in, and annoying and boring X and Y pressing combat which doesn't let you get the older games' excitement.

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