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Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Completion bonuses

Finish the game (including all the quests and sidequests). Start a new game to begin with unlimited energy. After finishing the game, you should have one of two things: unlimited energy or the ability to carry four Senzu Beans.

Get unlimited energy

Finish game (including all the quests and side-quests). Begin a new game to start with unlimited energy.

Get Unlimited herbs and senzu Beans

When you find a herb or Senzu Bean just pick it up and leave the general map area, when you return the herbs/beans will still be there ripe for the picking. Remember:) You can hold up to six Herbs and three Senzu Beans.

At Namek Temple - Stone Hands point to secret areas

The stone hands points to secret areas where you can find extra Herbs and/or Senzu Beans. Remember they also tell you how to get out and fight Ginu Force and Freeza.

Regaining energy

All you have to do is save the game, then turn off the power. When you reboot (cold boot) your GBA you will have full energy but will begin from the beginning of that area/level.

Unlock Invincibility

All you have to do is get an enemy that fires Kai beams. Make that enemy fire a beam at you, while you are flying. If you land with your fly meter on you will have unlimited health. Remember you can either press R (twice) or progress to another level before this cheat disengages.

Quickly Defeat Freeza (level 20 and above

Charge up your Ki for a Solar Flare attack. Use this attack with a close proximity to Freeza, following it up with a few punches. (repeat this as necessary)

Quickly defeat dinosaur

When you encounter the first brown (not flying) dinosaur, grab an orb then lead him across the river. The unleash the your attack until he walks away (repeat this as necessary)

Quickly defeat bosses

When certain bosses are charging up for their Ki blasts as you run away from them, hit them from the side to quickly defeat the boss. (repeat this as necessary).

Catch Bubbles and Gregory

Don't walk up to them rather use to your advantage the fact that you can fly faster than you can walk. If you fly in a close proximity to them and push A after landing on the floor. Once you complete this task you will receive the Kamahamaha Wave.