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Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu


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Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu
GamePlay: Each character has numerous powerful combo moves, but the exact sequence must be memorized and executed precisely. The list of combo moves is unique to each character. You won't find the combo moves listed in the manual; You've got to figure them out for yourself by playing the game.

Control Pad Left = Move left/Block, Right = Move right, Up = Jump, Down = Crouch
A Button Light Kick
B Button Light Punch
L Button Heavy Punch, + R = Build up Ki
R Button Heavy Kick
Start/Pause Pause, SELECT = Taunt
Combo #1 Ki Blast = Down, Down + Right, Right + B Button.
Combo #2 Low Punch = Down + B Button. Chop = Control Pad Toward Opponent + B Button. Uppercut = Down + B Button. Back Hand Punch = Control Pad Away From Opponent + L Button. Jump Punch = B Button (in air).
Combo #3 Roundhouse Kick = Control Pad Away From Opponent + A Button. Leg Sweep = Down + A Button. Jump Kick = A Button (in air).
Combo #4 Block = Control Pad Away From Opponent (when opponent is being aggressive). Low Block = Down + Left.
Combo #5 Throw = L Button + Control Pad Toward Opponent (when close).
Combo #6 Recharge = L Button + R Button.
Combo #7 Unique Melee Attack = Control Pad Away From Opponent + B Button (when close).
Combo #8 Sky Battle = Down, Down, Up + B Button.