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Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors

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Gameplay Controls

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Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors

Control Pad Highlight menu items
A Button Confirm menu choices; Advance text
B Button Return to previous screen; Advance text

Control Pad LEFT/RIGHT = Move character left/right. LEFT/RIGHT (double-tap) = Sprint. UP = Jump. Up (double-tap) = Hover in air. DOWN = Return to ground from air.
A Button Strong attack (cannot rush opponent); also selects when used in menu). Guard (press and hold).
B Button Weak attack (can rush opponent); Also return to previous screen. Guard (press and hold).
L Button Substitute Character. L Button + LEFT/UP/RIGHT/ DOWN = Instant transfer / substitute around opponent.
R Button Charge up Ki
Start/Pause Pause game. SELECT + START + A + B simultaneously to soft reset.