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Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors

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GF Rating

Above Average

Great, but impossible to erase data.

posted by Haruhiko (GENEVA, FL) Jan 7, 2007

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I went and bought this game, since I heard it was very good, and it was sitting on the store shelf, used, for 12 dollars. How could I pass it up? I bought this and Pokemon Pinball (which was 3 dollars and much more fun). So, with a GameBoy in my pocket, I popped it in and loved it first thing. Don't get me wrong, if you buy this new, its completely worth it, but if you find this used, ask the shopkeeper to try it out before you buy it, and see if the previous owner unlocked anything. If not, go ahead and buy, you got lucky. If so, skip it and, if you really want it, buy it new. Its just not worth it. Its a marvelous fighting game, one of the best for the GBA, but the inability to erase your game data stops it from being a must own. Everything in the game is done with ease and is done very well, the plain below your character is done with Mode 7 , which is a really good 3D graphical designer for handheld/old games. So the game, without a doubt, looks like some of the best on the GBA. Sound, also, is good, but none of the music is really that memorable. Grunts, yells, and screams from all the characters, can quite easily get on your nerves, to the point where it makes you want to turn your sounds down.


So, I returned this back to the store, and got Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure, which I returned again because of shortness, skipped the Dragon Ball license and got the much-better-than-both- of- these- games- combined Sega Genesis Collection. Skip if used, buy if new.

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GF Rating

Very Good

it is fun and worth the buy:)

posted by anime3443 (NORTH STREET, MI) Jun 8, 2009

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the only thing bad about the game is that it is not that fun to go back and play after you beat it.

but it does have a lot of fighters and very sharp, clean, vivid looking graphics:)

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GF Rating


SUPER FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by Shadow82 (BROOKLYN, NY) Dec 14, 2006

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This game was extremely great! It is sooo cool! i reccomend this game this game to all dragon ball z fans!!!!!! This Game Is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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