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Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Special attacks

Every character has three special attacks. To do a characters special attack, press A + B + R. Your character's special attacks are determined by where you are. You can do a Normal, Aerial, or Ground Special attack. The arrow will point in the direction that your special attack will be. It will take 50% to 100% of your power gauge to do a special attack. Some attacks at 50% are different than when at 100%. Your character can also shoot a weak, normal, or strong Ki shot. To do a weak Ki shot, hold R and press B. To do a normal Ki shot, hold R and press A. To do a strong Ki shot, hold R then press A and hold it. To do your characters throw, press A + B near your opponent. To Guard, hold A or B. Pressing A results in a weak guard, but you can counter an attack faster. Pressing B results in a strong guard.

Bonus battle

Finish story mode without losing any matches. Depending on your character, you may fight a bonus battle after the credits end.