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Dragon Ball Z Sagas: Evolution

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Also on:Xbox, PS2
GF Rating

564 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Dragon Ball Z Sagas: Evolution

Control Stick Highlight Menu Items
Control Pad Highlight Menu Items
A Button Select Menu Item
B Button Cancel. Return to Previous Screen.

Control Stick Move
Control Pad Left/Right = Show Pick-Ups. Up/Down = Toggle Map/Radar.
A Button Jump. Press Twice to Fly. Press Again to Land.
B Button Punch
X Button Ki Attack (Press and Hold for Special Move)
Y Button Kick
Z Button Teleport (Unlockable)
L Button Target Lock (Press Again to Switch Targets)
R Button Block. R + A = Charge Ki Energy. R + X = Throw (Unlockable). R + Y = Roundhouse Kick (Unlockable). R + B = Uppercut (Unlockable). R + Control Pad Up/Down = Hide Map/Radar.
Start/Pause Pause Menu