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Dragon Ball Z Sagas: Evolution

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not there best

posted by jazzman5 (ARVADA, CO) Jul 24, 2006

Member since May 2005

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i think it could have been longer and harder bosses less enemy's to kill and more ki blasts but is was ok i like the free movement

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posted by Crispin (MECHANICSVILLE, MD) Sep 24, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

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i really love all dragn ball z games...except this one. It's barely playable.

It's definitely not an RPG. It's an action game with very slight rpg elements. And it's just...soooo bad. It's such a great idea, too! I was expecting sort of a 3d legacy of goku, but this is nothing like that. I think they made this game in a month or two. Seriously.

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Above Average

I love/hate this game (What's a fan to do?)

posted by retroyoshi (HAMPTON, GA) May 31, 2006

Member since Oct 2005

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Most reviews for a licensed game begin with what's good about it. Not this one. So let's get one thing straight right off the bat: I FREAKING HATE INVISIBLE WALLS!!! And this game is full of them. And you know how most 3D games have trouble with a camera that's hard to adjust? Well, the good folks at Atari solved that problem by giving us absolutely no control whatsoever over the camera (note the sarcasm). That's right: you can't do ANYTHING with it. It moves when it wants to move. Can't see what's in front of you? Tough. Move along. And whoever decided that menu controls should be relegated exclusively to the D-Pad should be shot. Twice. Lastly, combat is so clunky and unintuitive that it becomes an exercise in button mashing that leaves your hands screaming, cramped and exhausted after about 30 minutes. Combos? Fuggedaboudet. They work about a third of the time.

So why the love? Okay, I admit to being a fan, and yes, that has a little bit to do with it. To wit, the presentation is carefully executed by developers who clearly love the show as much as we do. Clips are taken directly from it, and while condensed, do an admirable job of conveying the basic story. Yes, things are left out, but c'mon, it would take 20 games to tell the whole story (you know it's true). Beyond the clips, the game itself ably incorporates many of the signature moves of the playable characters, and the graphics do an excellent job of bringing the DBZ world to 3D life. Also, you can destroy a lot of stuff (a very good thing), even certain objects that are beyond those (GRR!) invisible walls. All in all, it's the Reader's Digest version of what could have been a great game, but just barely squeaks by as above average (IF you're a fan. If not, it's below average.).

Hey, maybe someday we'll get the game that could've and should've been. And maybe it'll be broken up into 1,000 episodes. In these days of downloadable content, you never know ;-)

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