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Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World

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Good game for DBZ Fans

posted by Mythos (HEMPSTEAD, NY) Jan 28, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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As a person who is an avid DBZ fan, i find Infinte world to be a great and fun game, though not my favorite DBZ game of all time. The combo's and cancel's are fun to pull off, the roster is good, the story mode is nice and the additional characters are pretty cool as well such as GT vegeta and GT Goku. That said i personally prefer the Tenkaichi series, but u cant go wrong with this one. worth the rent

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this game is ok but even the "best" game has flaws

posted by gamelover7 (ARLINGTON, WA) Feb 24, 2009

Member since Apr 2006

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this is the latest game in the Dragonball Z series. its also the hardest and I noticed a bit of flaws in the game.

lets start with the cinematics, they didn't even try to get the voices synced with the way the mouth moves I can tell they NEVER edited them at all when it was brought to America but for some reason in Dragonball Z Burst limit they at least tried to sync the voices but in Infinite World they didn't try at ALL.

next is the controls, they are different almost completely you cannot charge your Ki with holding the X button and press the directional pad button the way your character's back is facing like in Budokai 1, 2, and 3 this time you have to hold in the L1 button to charge your Ki. pressing the R1 button and holding a directional button in a certain way can let you do a quick dash, its pretty handy if you can control properly that is. holding down on the directional pad and pressing the Circle button makes you transform which is kinda a big improvement compared to pressing the the Triangle, the Square, and X buttons to transform, and lastly pressing the L2 button isn't your Ultimate attack button anymore its now up-Circle now.

and lets talk about the story mode which is the biggest disappointing story mode EVER. they way you choose a fight is okay but the main problem is that it skips alot like when you fight Cell with Goku and you beat him it just goes straight to the Majin Buu Saga the only cinematics in the game are after the Final fights with Radiz, Frizza, Cell, Kid Buu, and Omega Shenron and after no more cinematics.

and lastly the CPU AI, its TOO freaking smart and it likes spamming the Ultimate move too much it spammed it on me like 7 times in a match once and even on the easiest difficulty its still too hard and it has a move that only the CPU can use which is not fair.

my final words are: this game is okay but not as good as Burst Limit or Budokai 3. if it had proper edits like good voice sync and good cinematics it can be good but no

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Worth your time

posted by Krillinfan (RICHLAND CENTER, WI) Jan 21, 2009

Member since May 2008

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Well, to be honest, this game is better than one might expect. A lot of series that put out an a final last-gen installment do a lazy job and just sorta count on the cult following to suck it up while they work on the next-gen installments, but that's not the case here. Time was actually put into this game, and it shows.

The game breaks from the cinematic fighting style of the Budokai Tenkaichi series and returns to the more arcade style of the original Budokai. However, some fans will be a tad upset at some of the missing characters, perhaps most notably the first absence of Android 18 as a playable character in quite a while. And as for a character's Ultimate Attack... they never once explain how to use it in the game. (So while you're fighting your opponent, don't be too surprised if he pulls out a Spirit Bomb and you have yet to even figure out how that works.)

However, the advent of the mini-games (The first time seeing them since Budokai 1's "Line Up Raditz" level) is actually a welcome break and in it's own way, it makes up for some of the other shortcomings.

All in all, not the best game to get if you're looking for a look at the game series, (I highly reccomend either Budokai 3 or Budokai Tenkaichi 2 if you're just starting) but veteran players will enjoy it.

Just don't rely too heavily on that Spirit Bomb. (Remember what happened when Goku did it...)

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