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Yet Another Anime Based Card Game?

posted by Pandaman (GARLAND, TX) Jul 10, 2007

Member since Mar 2005

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Ever since Atari acquired the license to everything Dragonball Z, they've been churning out game after game after game. While many of these games have been decent at best, there are a few out there that are actually a good play. Is Harukanaru Densetsu one of these few? Well...not exactly.

First off we'll list off what the game does right. The title takes full advantage of the DBZ license, using all of the main characters and the first few story arcs (for those who watched DBZ the game covers the Saiyan saga through the Cell saga). You get to play through each arc in different segments and from different points of view (i.e. Goku's point of view, Piccolo's, etc). The sound is fitting enough and even has a few spoken lines from the English voice actors. Not exactly groundbreaking but a nice touch.

Now for the meat of the review: the gameplay. As the title of the review suggests, this is a game where battles are fought using cards. Instead of ripping off games like Yu-Gi-Oh and having the player collect cards and build decks, the player is given a set of 5 random cards of various abilities. These include Strike, Defense, Power Up, Hide (Escape), Friend, and Reverse. Each card is numbered from 1-8 for power and 1-8 for Defense. When battling an opponent, you choose a card and the foe does the same. If your power rating is higher than the foe's, you get to perform the action on the card; it's that simple.

This leads to the biggest complaint of the game. It's very very simple. Not once did I find myself in any kind of serious trouble when battling an opponent. Even if I was battling the stage's Boss, I rarely dipped below 50% health. Basically all you have to do is throw your most powerful cards out and you're pretty much guaranteed to come out the victor.

If BEC (the developer) had made the card system a little more strategic and engaging, this game would have been a nice gem in the DBZ franchise. Unfortunately, the over simplicity of the game keeps it from glory.

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the new dbz game

posted by Kliss2 (VILLA PARK, IL) Jun 23, 2007

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alright lets start by saying that this game is an ok game. it goes from the start of dragon ball z and ends after cell is destroyed. game play repeats itself alot and theres only 4 charecters to play. overall its a good rental but only a good buy if ur a hardcore dbz fan

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One of the best Atari card games EVER!!!!!!!

posted by dcalton (SHERBURNE, NY) Jun 7, 2011

Member since Jul 2010

This game might be one of the best Atari card games I have ever played!! In the game you can play as Gohan, Piccolo, Goku, and Vageta. It starts out at the beginning with the fight with Radits (Goku's evil saiyan brother) all the way through to the fight with Cell. If you ever had to choose between this game or another game to sell, choose the other game. Parents will like it too! It makes you count how many attack points you would need to beat your opponent and how many spaces you move, but don't let that turn you off from this game! I would absolutly recomend this for all ages!

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