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Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit


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Also on:PS3
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5567 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit
Directional Pad
Move. Dash (Double Tap).
Left Thumbstick
Move. Dash.
A Button
Guard. Roll (When Knocked Down).
B Button
Ki Blast. Charged Ki Blast (Hold). Roll (When Knocked Down).
X Button
Rush Attack. Roll (When Knocked Down).
Y Button
Smash Attack. Roll (When Knocked Down).
Left Bumper
Aura Spark. Grab. Vanishing Attack.
Right Bumper
Transform. Grab.
Left Trigger
Blow-Away Attack. Ultimate Attack (In Aura Spark Mode).
Start Button
Pause Menu
Right Trigger
Pursuit. Ultimate Guard.
Ready Stance Teleport
Left Thumbstick away from opponent and press A Button as you are hit
Super Attack. Ultimate Attack (Ki Gauge Full)
Press and hold B Button and Left Thumbstick Left or Right
Heavy Smash Attack
Mega Crush
EX Super Attack
Vanishing Move (In Aura Spark Mode)