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Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit

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Making it look good, doesn't improve the game...

posted by Nicademas (EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ) Jun 14, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

This game is another way to see that money comes before caring about the beauty of someone’s artwork. This game is great visually. All though there are bright colors and sharp video scenes, these things don't make a game. This game has been spit out into a button masher where everyone moves the same. All you have to do is learn a couple of moves and you've mastered every character. Where's the individuality? Where is the love for one of the greatest anime of our lifetime? I know where! In the toilet with the rest of the great franchise that have fallen victim to the greed of money. You failed us all!

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Pretty...Oh So Pretty

posted by brobruce (HARRISONBURG, LA) Jun 14, 2008

Member since Oct 2006

For fans of the DragonBall Z Series, your ultimate DBZ game has finally come along! The game's graphics actually look better than the anime series! It's that pretty! You feel as though you are controlling the cartoon! Without a few minor gripes, this game would be perfect.
The gripes are as follows...the story line isnt as fleshed out as it has been in the Budokai Series, so newcomers to DBZ wont have a clue as to what in the world is going on in the storyline. They really managed to make the battles feel disjointed and unconnected. And as pretty as the cutscenes are, I really wish they would have had more of them to make the story flow together.

Plus, there are loading screens galore. The developers made them a little less tedious by putting the seven Dragon Balls on screen in a swirling background and give you the ability to swirl them around or bounce them around the screen, but it still gets old after a while.

However, with that being said...the rest of the game is awesome! The battles are fun in a way they havent been in a while because you no longer have to memorize crazy button combinations or try and pull off moves that never seem to work. Instead, one or two buttons is all you need to pull off the most beautiful Kamehameha you have ever seen in your life!!

If you are already a DBZ fan, this game is right up your alley. Go out and buy it immediately! I promise you, you will love it! If you are new to the series, as pretty as this game is, you probably want to just rent wont get the storyline, but the fighting will make it worth your rental fee!

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