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Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit


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dragon ball z burst limit

posted by evilstewie (DENVER, CO) Jun 17, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

this game had good graphics but that is about all it had. it only completed half the story of Gokus life and i was expecting more. it had the same starting and ending videos and i beet it in one day. it is a descries to dbz and the people who made this game did a bad job and should do it over.

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dragon ball Z burst limited is the best game

posted by kidomaru22 (HERNDON, VA) Jun 15, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

I have seen the trailer and I seen the character that they have in the game I can't wait to try out this game Dragon ball Z burst limited will be the best game ever........

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The good barely outweigh the bad

posted by Shawnathan (MUKILTEO, WA) Jun 15, 2008

Member since Jan 2007

I am a huge DBZ fan, so I was very excited to have a game come to the next gen consoles. When I played the demo, it seemed very familiar to Budokai. That I enjoyed. There was just a few things more then the Budokai games. So when it finally came, I was very excited to start playing.

One of the biggest downfalls is that I got it last night and beat it this morning. It is a very short storyline. It just goes through the cell saga. Most of the cut-scenes are the same, just different characters going through them (you'll see what I mean) and they do mess up on the text sometimes. (For example, I was fighting Captain Ginyu as Krillin and a cut scene had Goku saying "Gohan, don't hold back!"). Little things like that.

Okay now something good. The graphics. Incredible. Amazing. Love em.

Another good thing. The fighting system gives you many more opportunities to pull off different combos. You don't have to just simply punch, punch, punch, Kamehameha. This gives you crazy different combos and your Ki doesn't go down for simply firing a few Ki Blasts.

Another good thing: The new Ultimate Attacks and Aura Spark system. Those are really fun. Make the game seem more realistic.

HOWEVER, I do miss the skill it took to pull of the super attacks in the previous games. Being able to fully pull off the Final Flash or Burning Attack or Super Kamehameha was just so satisfying.

Something bad: A lot of the story was cut out, so those who don't know the story, you won't understand what is going on. It starts off with Raditz and Goku fighting (nothing leading up to it) and when you beat Raditz, it cuts straight to the Saibamen fighting Tien and Yamcha. I had to think back and remember everything that happened.

BEST THING: Trunks. He is super bad asss in this game. Finally they let him use his sword more in a DBZ fighting game. I have yet to take it online, but I will soon.

So yes, this game is good. Rent it. Wait to buy the improved versions after this.

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