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Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit

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Face facts

posted by infanaz (SAN DIEGO, CA) Aug 7, 2008

Member since Nov 2005

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im one the biggest dragonball z fans around, but ive had it, its the same ol dung every release, they were making strides with the tenkaichi franchise, but for some reason they thought it was cute to give the title back to the people were ruining it in the first place. In dragonball z burst limit for the xbox 360 you control a number of z warriors blah blah blah.... repetitive combat, soso ultimate moves, laughable character voices, somebody please tell me why they still cant get cells voice right, hes in his base form sounding like his perfect form, and when hes in his perfect form, he sounds like a drunk irish man!!, this is the best they can do on the 360 people bravo (claps). And then theres the stinker the thing that made me throw my hands up in disgust, the blocking... thats all they do, no matter what you do, the computers just stands there and block!, then counters and knocks you out the level and combos you, dont let them get you in the air because your finished if you do. I was playing and had the guys life down to nonthing, but he wouldnt die because he was blocking!!!!!!, well outta nowhere he teleports does 3 combos on me, i couldnt even move!, i dropped the controller in disgust and just watched as the computer held me in place and kept attacking until i died, when i did i got the game out my system pakaged it up and sent it back, i refuse to buy anymore dbz fighters, DO NOT listen top the rest of these reviewers, they are so hung up on dbz that they soil on themselves no matter how silly the game is, im a hardcore dbz fan, but it took burst limit for me to open my eyes, i hope you guys heed my words!, you were warned!

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posted by jordanjbss (LIVERMORE, CA) Nov 23, 2011

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burst limit is a very good game and so are the transformations that come with it.

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I should have read the reviews first.......

posted by nataku80 (SACRAMENTO, CA) Nov 20, 2008

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well yea i should have read the reviews first. where to start?

Dont expect this game to be anything like the earlier DBZ games. Its a totally different game and for the worse. The controls are kinda weird and the moves are a little different, and they took out one of the things that made the other games cool the ability to charge or raise your KI. There is also not that many characters you can play with, so this means no majin-buu or ss4 goku and ss4 vegeta, no teen goten ....shoot goten is not in the game at all. I put this game up there with the start of the dbz fighting games that came out on the ps2, WEAK!!!

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