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Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit

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One of the better DBZ Games

posted by ledah435 (OREM, UT) Aug 26, 2011

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Though this game does have minor setbacks, these are vastly outweighed by some of the remarkable features. Story mode offers a better way to view the scenes and engage in fights than in previous titles. The graphics are rather impressive, rich in color and pleasing to the eyes. Battles are intense and can change in a split second and still giving the player an exciting and fun DBZ experience.

1. Rich battlefields and beautiful art are laced together with well crafted, easy to grasp characters

2. Intense battles that keep players at the edge of their seats.

3. Engaging characters push the player to grab more out of the battle.

1. Various Scenes are "Unlockable", forcing players to actively search for the trigger, which is time consuming.

2. Some characters are repetitive with scenes overlapping constantly.

This game is intense and will keep you wanting more. However, trying to unlock the many scenes in story mode is long and often frustrating. This game is one wild ride.

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Very Good

HOLY [dragon]BALLZ!!

posted by foolmanchu (BRISTOL, WI) Jun 14, 2008

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an actually decent DBZ game? well, thats actually not a shocker, DBZ has been a pretty good fighting game franchise for a while.

now, the first game was not great (sorry fanboys), and the second left much to be desired (although improved). the third installment was awesome, it was side-view style and was an insane fighting game on ANY level. then tenkaichi hit stores and almost everyone loved the rear view style. i was not one of those people, so naturaly im exited that they brought the side-view back.
PROS and CONS time!
Pros: this is where holy ballz come in. the graphics are AWESOME for a dbz, or any other animated game. it looks JUST LIKE the show (but in 3d of course) and cutscenes blend in and out of the gameplay seemlessly.
2.gameplay. they brought back the sideview. thats how a fighting game should be. now i know that alot of you loved tenkaichi, and i will admit that this is not AS detailed or immersive as that is, but THIS feels like a fighting game.
3. characters.....theres alot of them. nuff said.

1. okay, i'll admit, im a HUGE fan of dbz, i love it. but atari is gonna ruin it for all of us. imean, theyve got a good thing goin, but the more they try to pull out of the franchise, the more annoyed people will become with them.

but thats really it, just political stuff. its annoying. but this IS a good game. its fun, its fast, and its MULTIPLAYER! HUZAAAHH! but seriously, if you've never been a fan of the games, this isnt gonna change ur mind about DBZ. it IS a fun game though, so at least rent it. fans, we all know ur gonna buy it anyways, so there is no persuading you. now go put on you cos-play costumes and blast out a masenko or kamehameha wave and play "DBZ:Burst Limit". an 8/10.

this review brought to you by pucheo films. search Pucheo on youtube for offbeat comedy and fun.

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Milking the DBZ Franchise..

posted by TheFirstEv (GILBERT, WV) Mar 27, 2009

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Ahh, every year, month, week, we see a new Dragonball Z game hit the shelves.. And Burst Limit looks to continue that tradition of milking the franchise for its moneys worth.

While Dragonball Z Burst Limit looks good in appearance. My first few moments of playing the game, in the Z Chronicle, I believe. The first thing I noticed, was the lack of moves for characters in the game. Though, there may be more unlockables, I'm not for certain. But I played the game through the entire Saiyan Saga. And while I found a decent fighter, you couldn't help but feel restrained right off. The lack of moves at the start was actually quite sad, considering those of us who follow the anime, realize how many moves that characters had in their arsenal, before the Saiyan Saga had even passed on..

But, enough about that. Graphics wise, it's pretty much like any other anime game's graphics. Though, they did look better when you compare today's Dragonball Z games, with the ones of the last gen.

Gameplay wise, due to the lack of the moves (in comparison to older games) and how easy it was to pull some of the "ultimate" ones off, I'd say the gameplay holds up pretty steady, when judged on a scale of the older games.

But the thing that annoyed me the most? Was the cut scenes during fighting. I've heard of some people liking them, but I just hated being cut out in the middle of a fight, for some cut scene, for someone like Nappa to say two or three words. When those extra seconds could of been being put towards taking my opponent down.

All in all, the game was a fairly decent effort. And, some will love the game, some will love it simply out of nostalgia.

So in that case, the game gets a 5 from me. A fair rating.

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