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Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit


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Also on:Xbox 360
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Gameplay Controls

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit
Directional Button
Move. Dash (Double tap and Hold).
Left Analog Stick
Move. Dash.
X Button
Guard. Roll (When Knocked Down).
Square Button
Rush Attack. Roll (When Knocked Down).
Circle Button
Ki Blast. Charged Ki Blast (Hold). Roll (When Knocked Down).
Triangle Button
Smash Attack. Roll (When Knocked Down).
L1 Button
Aura Spark. Grab. Vanishing Move (In Aura Spark Mode).
L2 Button
Blow-Away Attack. Ultimate Attack (In Aura Spark Mode).
R1 Button
Transform. Grab.
R2 Button
Pursuit. Ultimate Guard.
Start Button
Pause Menu
Ready Stance Teleport
Press Left Analog Stick away from opponent and press X Button as you are hit
Super Attack. Ultimate Attack (Ki Gauge Full).
Press and hold Circle Button and Left Analog Stick Left or Right
Heavy Smash Attack
Mega Crush
EX Super Attack