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A step backward

posted by zenzuo (DENVER, CO) Jul 11, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

Maybe if this was the first DBZ game I'd played then I would have thought better of it. The engine, IMO, is not as fun or versatile as some of the older DBZ games. The controls were hard to get used and the training was tedious, not helpful.
Graphics are nice once you get past the game being much more bright and vivid than the show.

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This game's fun... now, where's the rest of it?

posted by 1Taylor1 (DOUGLASVILLE, GA) Jul 9, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

I think DBZBL is taking a step in the right direction, but just didn't pull it off the way I'd hoped it would.

This game has a simple fight system similar to the Budokai games. Each character has two attack buttons, ki blasts, 3 special moves, and can block and dodge. New, however, is the way you use ki. Ki charges automatically now, and basic ki attacks (including kamehameha, etc.) don't use ki at all. Ki is reserved now for Ultimate moves and making basic moves more powerful (i.e. a super punch that'll stun your opponent). There is also a mode similar to the overdrive thing from Budokai 3 called Aura Spark, which just makes you a little more powerful as long as your ki lasts. It takes about 30 minutes to figure out in it's entirety, especially if you've played budokai 3.

The problem with the fighting system is that it's too forgiving. The "depth" it claims do offer is supposed to be found in the timing, but that's out the window because you can just hit the right button ('x') really fast at around the right time and you'll teleport out of and dodge anything they throw at you. Plus, the ability to do specials endlessly means that you'll end up firing Double Sunday's back and forth until you can't stand to hear him call it out anymore.

The other, glaring problem is brevity. The game only has about 20 characters, and 5 stages. Maybe I've been spoiled by Tenkiaichi, but I just got mad when they had the Saibamen, but not Cooler. The story mode only covers the first 3 sagas, and two side plotlines for unlocking Bardock and Broly. The only other modes are time trials and such, but with so few characters, it starts to get redundant. I ended up fighting Frieza on Namek 4 times in a row on the time trial.

The story's not there, the characters aren't there, the unlockables aren't there. The fighting system isn't terrible, but not good enough to warrant buying the game over other fighters out there. Even if you're a huge fan, I'd wait for the next one.

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NOT as good as expected barley a rent

posted by 14yearold (Miami, FL) Jun 24, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

the upside is the graphics and thats all i can think of. there arent many combos or diffrent types of ki blasts. Its the same as budakia 2 except with better grahpics they left out all the charcters from majin buu to omega shenron ext. I think that they got really lazy into the game and decided to only go up to cell saga. I suggest ony renting this game defintly not a buy because it has been a complete dissapointment. I bought this game thinking it would be as good as tenckachi 3 or 2 it was horrible barley and stages the powers are low class and vegeta is overpowered allowing you to win with ease in the online game. They have not focest on the charcters just on the graphics thats what makes this game a peice of s h i t

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