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Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit


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A little disappointed.

posted by zancoste (CATONSVILLE, MD) Dec 22, 2009

Member since Dec 2009

So to begin, let it be known that I am a huge fan of dragon ball z.
However, this game is just well... a plain miss, and if we consider it being on the ps3, it is a plain underusage of hardware.

So to start with the review itself:
Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit is just a plain port of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai on ps3, but just in hd. But even then, it is still worse than any other dragon ball. I advice you sticking with Budokai 3 as it is the best so far.

The story mode seems interesting at first, but you end up realizing that they are missing a bunch of cutscenes, probably assuming that you know them all. But that's not all, you are presented those cutscenes when you have beaten a whole saga of the game (tell me how this makes sense???). The intro to combat is very very repetitive, once you have seen two of them, you realize that they are just using the same code but with different models. The gamplay and combat mechanics isn't anything new either nor ground breaking. The only thing that is noticeable is that they removed the need to charge the KI bar.

This game is a pure miss. Don't try it as you will be disappointed. I was very very disappointed. They could have improved what they had already done but nope; instead, they decided to lower down their work. I played the game for about 2 hours, and that was because I am a big fan of the show. It was literally hurting me.

Probably one good thing they had was the possibility to have the voices in Japanese and avoid the immaturity of it being in English.

In short: Stay away from it. Save your time and your shipping time.

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posted by SweetGame (BROOKLYN, NY) Sep 8, 2009

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posted by oo7mech (ALLEN, TX) Feb 17, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

I have played all the fighting DBZ games that game out on the ps2 and this is actually a down grade from all the progress they made on those. Its like they said ,"Ok lets just start over from the beganing with the ps3..." Yes the characters moves and looks are great and on spot. But the way the fighting style is annoying. Flying or dashing is very slow mo. The drama pieces tend to chop up the intense action. My moves seemed slow instead of quick and sharp in the other games. I can't fly freely like in that on DBZ game. Which could have been fine if they would atleast let me land when i didnt want to be in the air or visa versa. I'm glad i rented.

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