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Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit


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buy the game its very fun

posted by sonofabiii (MOCLIPS, WA) Apr 7, 2012

Member since Jan 2007

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i beat the game and i give it a 10 beacuz its awsome in every way the attacks the game play every thing about it is a good plot but it needs more chapters i beat it 3 hours

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Burst Aint The Worst

posted by coolzap43 (BRONX, NY) Sep 17, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

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This game is great, though the story ends at Broly and doesn't continue on to the Majin boo saga, it still has newer things than the older DBZ games making it more interesting, like the how you can voluntarily dodge an attack (AWESOME). Another thing is that they could've put more special moves for each character but overall everything else is ok, i love this game!

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Very Good

DBZ is Going Back to it's Roots.

posted by GameBo1 (KISSIMMEE, FL) Mar 29, 2010

Member since Jun 2009

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Dragon Ball Z is without a doubt one of the best television shows in history, and has made a huge impact in animation history. Over the years, DBZ has also had a long line of video games series ranging from the Super Famicom, PS1, PS2, GameCube, Wii, and finally the PS3 and XBOX 360. Does Burst Limit offer the same epic DBZ feeling, or does it’s sparkle fade away in a flash?

Graphics: The graphics are just brilliantly gorgeous, presenting the same anime look with a proper HD 3D graphical update. The environments are vivid and beautiful, the characters look identical to their 2D anime counterparts, and the special attacks and transformation look excellent. Dimps did an amazing job, keeping it faithful to the anime.

Story: Honestly, only fans of DBZ should bother to play the DBZ games, because the Sagas and gameplay are what truly makes us play the games. So only play the games if you are fan of the series.

Gameplay: Dimps has handled Street Fighter III and Street Fighter IV for CAPCOM, and the hud and gameplay style shows. The KI meter no longer is charged, but now regenerates at a fair-to-fast rate, and look similar to the Super and Revenge meter from Street Fighter IV. The attacks involve a deep combo system, the special attacks are easy to pull off with no interruption, and the special attacks also change if a fighter transforms (EX: Vegeta transforms into Super Saiyan Vegeta). When selecting fighters in the versus mode, Super Moves are selectable, similar to Street Fighter III. Drama Pieces also serve as aids to the battle as long as certain conditions are met.

Overall: The story expands from the beginning of DBZ to the end of the Cell Saga, along with some what-if scenarios with Bardock and Broly. The controls are easy and simple to learn, the fighter selection is appropriate and diverse, the graphics are brilliant, and the Grading System per level offer replayability. If you are a fan of DBZ, pick this up immediatley, and have fun.

Score: 8.3/10

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