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Dragon Ball Z Budokai: Tenkaichi

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Easy survival battles 2

To have a very easy win on all survive until time runs out battles (except for the Oozaru as Goku in the Saiyan Saga), continuously use this technique. Keep pressing Square one to five times, X, Square, one to five times again, but this time Triangle.

Strong combo

This trick only works on weaker enemies. First do four normal attacks, then do a stun with dash and repeat. If done correctly it can result in a 75 or greater combo.


Use big Ki-attack when your enemy do ki-blast and your enemy attack give more power to your attack

Z item fusions 7

Speed +6 = Speed +3 and Speed +3

Z item fusions 8

Super Finishing Move +6 = Super finishing move +3 and Super finishing move +3

How to beat the Oozaru

In the first Oozaru mission (Saiyan Saga), you are supposed to survive. However, if desired you can actually win. Rush toward it, then press Attack(3), X to stun it momentarily. Repeat this as needed. You will not only survive, but will defeat the Oozaru.

Finding Dragonballs

Dragonballs are found within mountains and islands during Battle Gate fights. You must destroy them by dashing through them or knocking your opponent through it. You must then descend to the ball and "walk" into it; you must also win the fight.

Easy Dragonballs 2

In story mode, select the Buu Saga and look for the level that takes place on top of Kami's lookout. (SSJ3 Goten vs. Super Buu). During the fight, destroy the main building on top of Kami's tower. There will be a Dragonball amongst the rubble every time.

Easy Dragonballs 3

Go to the fight with Chiaotzu vs. Guldo. Burst through the few islands in the stage and locate the Dragonball by using your radar. Then, defeat Guldo. He is not much of a challenge. Repeat this to get all the Dragonballs

Z item fusions 1

Attack +6 = Attack +3 and Attack +3

Z item fusions 2

Defense +6 = Defense +3 and Defense +3

Z item fusions 3

Favorite Technique +6 = Favorite Technique +3 and Favorite Technique +3

Z item fusions 4

Finishing move +6 = Finishing Move +3 and Finishing Move +3

Z item fusions 5

Health +6 = Health +3 and Health +3

Z item fusions 6

Ki +6 = Ki +3 and Ki +3