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Dragon Ball Z Budokai: Tenkaichi 2

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Very good!! But...

posted by McGreggor (SALUDA, NC) Jan 2, 2007

Member since Jan 2005

While I find this game very enjoyable, I find that some of the boss fights in this game are just ridiculous even on easy. Many times I end up fighting a boss 20-30 times till I beat him. Most of the bosses I have trouble on are the "Giant" bosses (Great Apes, LSSJ Broly, the boss from Tapions story).

I couldn't dream of fighting them on normal yet alone hard.

Here are my pros and cons for this game.


1. Great selection of characters
2. Great soundtrack (to me, rock and techno are DBZ)
3. Great graphics and animation
4. Easy to use controls
5. Each character does not play the same


1. Tag-team mode is to annoying (I find it hard to press L2+L3+R3 at the same time)
2. Giant bosses are a pain for characters with no transformations
3. Loading times (while they aren't long, you may run into 5-10 in a 2 minuet timespan)
4. Story mode is too short (it took me 3 weeks to beat Budokai 3 and it took me 8 hours to beat T2)
5. Not enough levels

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Great game!

posted by engvall (COLUMBUS, GA) Jan 1, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

I thought this game would be the exact same as Tenkaichi, but I was wrong. It mixed aspects of the Budokai 3 game and Tenkaichi, while throwing in some new characters as well. I've been with this series (Budokai and Tenkaichi) since Budokai 2 and this game is the best of all of them. The graphics are enhanced and the characters moves were carefully thought out. All in all, best fighting game I'v ever played. I counted. There are 128 characters to chhose from. My personal favorite was the ressurection of in-game transformations. This game was a work of genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!

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Omega's Review of DBZ B.T.2

posted by OmegaTiger (MCKEESPORT, PA) Dec 21, 2006

Member since Oct 2006

This is perhaps the greatest Dragonball Z Game ever created. Fans will love the selection of customizable characters, series-friendly stage backgrounds, and the voiceovers by the character actors.

Not only does the game span across the DBZ world and it's various storylines, several DBZ movie stories are playable as well. (Including Broly, who can be unlocked and used to pummel your opponenets.) There are also several "What if"-type senerios where you play a storyline based on what would have happened if certain things were different within the DBZ histoty. (Ex. A world without Majin Buu leads to continuous battles between Goku and Vegeta in their quest to see who is the strongest Sayian warrior.)

The game controls are very user friendly and the special features are excellent. I believe that this game is a MUST OWN to EVERY DBZ FAN!

One particular change that must be noted is the fact that the game's creators have finally brought down Hercule (A.K.A. Mr Satan) to a realistic level, more recognizable to his character in the series. However this can be a tad bit annoying when placed in situations where you absolutely must play as Hercule.

I'd rate this game an easy 11 or 12, but that surpasses the ten scale. Therefore I rate it an absoulte 10! PLAY THIS GAME!!! This is what all DBZ games should have been like.

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