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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2

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posted by AwesomeAJ1 (NATCHITOCHES, LA) Jan 27, 2007

Member since May 2005

This game shocked me. I haven't played a DBZ since Budokai 2 and this game has blown me over. Of course the controls take some getting used to and if you go throught he tutorial then be prepared to go through that for about 30 minutes to a hour. But when you get the controls down, then things start to become second nature, and you begin to really start to feel like a part of the game.
The story mode is extremely long and covers DB, DBZ, and DBGT and there are tons of unlockable storylines and characters.
Bottom line, this isn't just a good DBZ fighting game, it's just a very good fighting game.

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Very Good

not a DBZ fan

posted by Pizlenut (MODESTO, CA) Jan 26, 2007

Member since Aug 2006

I went into this game with little expectations. I had a wii, and a membership, and I needed something to play so I gave it a shot.

First impressions werent that good, but again you have to realize I came into this not expecting much. Invited a friend over and we gave it a shot. Few hours later we found ourselves hooked.

Its a game that requires you to invest some time into it before you're allowed to enjoy it to its fullest. Once you catch onto how its played it becomes very addicting. Lots of counters, lots of dodging, and plenty of ways to drive your friends face through some destructable buildings should he fail to perform said dodge or counter.

Tons of characters to choose from, obviously not equally balanced, but the game leaves room for you to customize them a bit to bring them up to speed, though the "better" characters can recieve the same tweaking.
Even still, a surprising number of characters are very playable however do not expect every character to have a unique move list. A lot of character share "moves" from other characters.

The controls, once learned, can be reused for every character in the game - just with different timings.
The only problem I can think of with the controls is the placement of the "recover" button and the "attack" button. Which are both A
Problem being you try to recover, and when you do you start attacking thin air.. leaving yourself open for attack again.

Story mode is long, but not terribly impressive. Mostly uncreative "kill the dude" over and over. The story is very hard to follow unless you know whats going on already (I was mostly lost).

Overall if you like fighting games and you have a friend or two to drag over and smash through some terrain then this is well worth the play.

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Clustered but fun

posted by Willow (BOISE, ID) Jan 22, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

Still debating on buying this game outright; great game for DBZ fans while still a decent fighter. Graphics are fun and clean, controls are somewhat difficult on Wii controller.

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